Oh, Nightwing, who are thee? I’m not very familiar with the character, but a licensed minifig is a licensed minifig right? Today’s polybag, 30606 Nightwing, is one of those singular minifig polybags. It was a pack-in with the LEGO DC Super Heroes animated movie, Justice League Gotham City Breakout.

LEGO put out a bunch of exclusive minifigs this way. Thankfully the movie you had to buy wasn’t too expensive to get. They could be had for under $10. So for ten bucks, you get an exclusive minifig and movie to entertain the kids with for a couple of hours. Not a bad deal.

Nightwing himself is pretty nice if you ask me. I like that the blue batons match his blue chest symbol.

His head is double-sided. Both sides have feature an eye mask, one expression is angry… or battle-ready I guess. The other is just a smirky expression. Torso detailing is a bit on the light side but that’s okay. You can still see his ripped abs.

Fairly simple polybag today. For a character I admittedly have little familiarity with, I do like it.

Does It Suck or Does It Rock?

This set rocks! If you’re a LEGO DC Super Heroes fan, this you need this version of Nightwing in your collection. There have been a couple of versions but at a glance, this one’s the best one in my opinion.


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