What’s worse than that cockpit? This thing. Here’s the comic book-style box:

And a close-up of Aquaman himself:

These pictures come courtesy of comicbook.com. According to them, the set is based on the ’60s cartoon that featured Aquaman and his trusty steed, Storm. The site is also reporting that tickets to purchase the set will be given away at the Sails Pavilion. More details on how to acquire the ticket will be made available closer to the show, but I’m guessing nothing’s going to change since the previous years’ distribution method.

This might break me. Here’s hoping that Ant-Man and the Wasp exclusive looks better.


  1. I placed a post in the Licensed Themes forum regarding Lego Exclusives at SDCC. Apparently, along with the Cockpit and Aquaman sets, there will be a Marvel, a DC and a Lego Movie 2 minifgure to be had. The minifigures haven’t been identified yet. The new way to get your hands on these is by registering on the Comic-Con website and picking time slots to go shop. You’ll know by July 12th which slots you are eligible for. No more waiting in lines for a chance to get an exclusive. You’ll know what you’re getting before the show roll around.

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