Guest Review: 76096 Superman & Krypto Team-Up


Hey kids, The Tired Reviewer here once again, to bring you thoughts and impressions from the world of LEGO. Today’s review is set 76096 Superman Krypto Team-Up. I saw this set on the shelf and was so confused and puzzled by it that I couldn’t resist picking it up and assembling it for your pleasure. So this set is from the DC Superheroes line, from the Justice League Subset and the Super Lame grouping. As always, I spent a long while looking at the box and trying to make some sense of what I was looking at.

76096 Superman Krypto Team-Up Box

It features Superman, trapped in some Kryptonite enclosure with Lex Luthor’s colors all over it (more on this later).

His faithful dog Krypto is seen attacking an incoming spaceship bike type dealie driven by a mime crossed with the lead singer of Korn. Oh wait, that’s actually Lobo.

 76096 Superman Krypto Team-Up Lobo minifig

Now, many of you might be too young to remember who Lobo was, so let me clue you in: Lobo was one of these “anti-hero” heroes that were all the rage back in the 90’s. After Frank Miller made a crap ton of money with The Dark Night Returns, comic book companies started falling over themselves making their comic books about angry, bloodthirsty dudes like Cable and the Punisher. They started to make Wolverine edgier and meaner. DC decided to get in to the game with Lobo, an super angry space biker. Yeah, you read that right. A space biker. He loves getting drunk and killing people. You know, the kind of character the folks at Lego would want to feature in a set aimed at 6-12 year olds.

Space Bike

Anyways, back to the box. Krypto is attacking the skull dog type thinger at the front of Lobo’s space bike. Thanks, Krypto, for attacking the most non-essential thing on the bike, you useless ball of ABS fur. Now, in order to bring you up to speed fully, I have to tell you that lobo’s bike contains a mouse-droid looking thing that when placed in the kryptonite trap allows it to spring open.

Mouse Droid lookalike

I mean, the box has the trap already sprung open for no apparent reason, and Superman is able to use his heat vision to attack the trap, which doesn’t make any sense to me, but nothing that a quick break for a drink or two couldn’t take care of.  So maybe Lobo is bringing the mouse droid thing to help Superman, which is dumb, because Lobo has to be the villain here, otherwise we just have a bunch of heroes together, and I wouldn’t put it past DC to make Lobo a hero, because apparently any character that people like at all gets to be a good guy there days. God damn comic books suck these days. If Lobo isn’t the villain, I guess it might be Krypto? He’s attacking Lobo, who seems (??) to be arriving to save Superman?  I quickly investigated some scenarios involving Krypto as a villain or shapeshifter or such.

But the set is called “Superman and Krypto TEAM UP”. So it can’t be that. Anyways, I settled on this: This set makes no god-damned sense at all.

I investigated the box further, and it contains only one small clue: If you buy this terrible, terrible set, and another Justice league set, you can connect it with the 76097 Lex Luthor (SEE! I told you!) Mech Takedown set “for even more Justice League fun”. The set contains some trans green colored pieces called “Power Bursts”, which honestly would be a better name for some kind of Jolly Rancher candy.


So, as to the set itself, I know you guys go crazy to see which parts and such are in there, so I took a picture of some of them:

The only interesting part I could find was this one. It’s called “middle ring” part 6123838:

There’s also one Power Burst piece that looks like an umbrella:

Which is pretty neat? I guess? Sorry guys, I’m trying here, it’s just that the Space Bike is pretty dull to put together. It has a couple of those stud launcher guys, which strike me as a lawsuit waiting to happen.

If you’re looking for a Krypto minifig, I guess that buying this set would be one way to get one. Can’t think of any other cheaper way.

If you’re just looking for some crazy Superhero action, you can find sets that won’t make your head hurt as much. There’s a Superman minifig in that super weird Justice League DJ party set (I can’t even get into that now, blood pressure is waaaaaay too high for that).

This has been The Tired Reviewer.  

Buy It, Or Don’t

Amazon currently has it on sale for 20%. Doubt many will move even at that discount.

Will It Fit In A Ziplock Freezer Bag?

It will, you’ll put it in one almost immediately after building this regrettable purchase.

All Of The Pictures

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  1. The quality of Lego reviews here has gone downhill rapidly. You expect people to PAY you to continue doing this trash? The pics are terrible, the review isn’t even a review! Take a few tips from Brickset on how to write a review and maybe Lego might send you a set for free. Seems to be the lack of quality on this shitty site why they have stopped sending you anything for free!

    • See, that’s part of the review style by The Tired Reviewer. The whole thing is meant as a farce of a typical review. Think “lo-fi”.

      Of course, this doesn’t excuse the quality of pictures in my own review. I admit some of them could have been better. But, at the risk of beating a dead horse, that was one of things that I found paralyzing. If I didn’t have the time or energy to do the pictures in a certain way, then I would procrastinate on it. If I thought a side-by-side comparison review of a rehash and the original model was a good idea, I wouldn’t review it until I could find that original model. Which was, like, NEVER. It’s not that I don’t care to take good pictures anymore, I just stopped letting these insignificant factors control how I put my content out. Because I’d rather put the content out there and scratch it off my to-do list then let it pile up.

      But since this comment wasn’t about me and I totally made it about me, I’ll focus back on The Tired Reviewer and his review style. Again, the whole review is supposed to be farce, and it’s refreshing (for me anyway) to be able to put a different voice to a review here on this site. Clearly, you’re not a fan, so might I suggest that the next time you see “Guest Review” in the headline, to NOT click through.

      And to turn things back around to me, ’cause, let’s be honest, it’s ALWAYS about me, right?, the next review I have on the docket, I really do want to put in an effort to take good pictures on the same level as The Green Ninja Mech Dragon review. I don’t know about you, but I actually think those turned out really good. I made it a point to make the process fun for me and it worked. Cause if writing reviews and posting content isn’t fun for me, then what’s the point?

  2. Ok if you guys will put more thought into your reviews, and make them like the old ones, I will sign up to donate. I loved your old style of review, mixing humour while poking fun at Lego and Star Wars in general topped off with awesome pics

  3. I like the funny reviews but at the end there needs to be some real substance to be taken seriously because this and the last set reviewed were not that horrible. For super hero fans it’s nice to get Lobo and his bike is fitting with how it was in the comics. Krypto is a bit weird compared to the other Lego dogs and especially Wonder Dog released in the same wave. It would be nice to get some more variety from Superman, some detail to Lobo’s legs. The energy/effect packs are a nice addition for different uses although I agree the umbrella one so far is weird. I agree needs better photos and close-ups of the figures.

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