When I think LEGO, I think Forbes, which is why it makes perfect sense the outlet got the exclusive first look at some upcoming DC Super Heroes sets that will be at SDCC next week. I suppose it fits, LEGO only sees as as lines on a spreadsheet at this point anyway, but hey, some new sets. Three sets are going to be available at the con, 76096 Superman-Krypto Team-Up, which will feature Lobo (and a reuse of the Scooby Doo mold), 76097 Lex Luther Mech Takedown, and 76098 Speed Force Freeze Pursuit.


There are some interesting things to be had in the sets. I’m really not a fan of Lobo, but I know he’s a favorite to a lot of other people of my generation. Round nets, plenty of those terrible action shooter things, Reverse Flash, and probably the most important for those of us trying to build up a proper justice league, what looks to be Cheetah. I’d be more excited about Cheetah, but that representation looks a bit phoned in for my tastes, given how important of a character she is. Though those trans-green wings on the Krypto set gives me a Jedi Interceptor mash-up idea…