After the unmasking clip popped up on-line the other day, I didn’t think I could meh any harder. Then I watched this trailer.

I dug down deep, so deep I felt as though I’d fallen into a bottomless abyss and the mighty meh that was brought forth from that depth could’ve been heard all the way across the continent in Hollywood… alas, the heads of those who should be listening were all too firmly wedged within their own butts to hear anything anyone said. And so we get wacky Dot-Com Billionaire/Mad Scientist Luthor, creating Frankenzod’s Doomonster/rejected Hobbit troll to fight the title duo that he’s already manipulating into fighting each other and then Wonder Woman (Woo, best part!) for some reason. Can’t wait to hear how they shoe horn in Cyborg and Aquaman from someone desperate enough for a Bat-fix to go see this.

I’m holding on to hope for the stand alone Wonder Woman film now that set pics confirm it’s a period story set almost 100 years before this movie. With any luck it will be good and truly stand alone from the rest of DC’s questionable film decisions.

And for those who loved this trailer so much you’ll watch it over and over again all day, Rejoice! Now you have something to tide you over until Transformers 5.

Me? I’ll be watching the Arrow/Flash crossover tonight with my family. Hooray for DCTV!