Update: Oh look, reddit user uacrobi posted scanned instructions. You can download them here. Grab’em while you still can…

If you were one of the few lucky winners of the Bat-Pod promotion from a few months ago, you should have gotten a shipment notification by now. They are being shipped out from Enfield, CT, so for those of you living on the East Coast, you should be getting them by now. Pics are already starting to surface of the completed model. Kind of crazy that someone would open it and built it instead of keeping it sealed and using it as a nest egg but hey, whatever floats your boat. The picture above was uploaded to imgur.

LEGO fail? I just noticed that the Bat-Pod uses light grey hubs for the wheels. The Tumbler, from which the Bat-Pod is born from, has black ones. /shrug

WTB: 5004590 Bat-Pod. Must be sealed.