You know what that means, we could finally have an opportunity to buy an official set with Batman’s latest ride. Assuming you didn’t buy the original, or the one that is currently on shelves now… Brent Waller is the man behind this Tumbler, which is one of many on CUUSOO and his goal was to create what he felt was the most accurate LEGO Tumbler in minifig scale. That’s a tricky mission and in my opinion a true minifigure scale vehicle would be able to accommodate enough figures to have one behind each of it’s dual windows. Would that look too wide? Probably, but if I have to choose an inaccurate vehicle I may as well stick with what’s available already. The biggest this going for this creations chances is the fact that it fits within the size they seem to be going for in this range. However, that may work against it as well because LEGO re-engineers the models to fit with their current building standard and that would most likely land it very close to the pre-existing LEGO versions anyway. This makes it into the June review and I wish him luck in the next stage, my feeling at this point is that he’s really going to need it.