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Building Tips

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Building Tips

Postby jonah2013pal » Fri Apr 10, 2009 8:02 am

Everyone wants to be a master builder, so let's help each other with that dream! Get out your LEGO collection and show us some of your special features: Can you make a LEGO vehicle power-functioned? Can your models do anything special? Or how about building LEGO action figures? Tell us! Please! Or...

Wanna know how some of your favorite LEGO sets work? How do the wheels on the Clone Turbo Tank work? What makes the wings and landing gear on the V-19 Torrent move together? Or how can you make your creations lock on to each other automatically, and release with the push of a switch, like the Republic Dropship and AT-OT? Ask about how special features on LEGO sets work, or tell us how they work, so we all can become master builders!

Wanna know how the superlaser works on the LEGO Death Star? There's a hole in the floor above the superlaser with a column going through attached to the laser, making it move left and right. Also, the knob in the center of the controls above is attached to an axle with a worm gear on it, which turns a circular gear attached to the superlaser up and down. Now you know how to make a Death Star superlaser!

I once made a model where when you fire the missile, the bombs drop! How did I do this? I put a lever at the bottom of the missile launcher, and pushed it to make the launcher move away from the bomb holder opening. While the top lever of pushes against the edge of the hole made for it, the bombs are free to fall!

Those are my building tips, so tell us yours! This is jonah2013pal, signing off!
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Re: Building Tips

Postby Emperor » Fri Apr 10, 2009 10:31 am

I like to put bricks on top of other bricks, this technique is good because it holds them in place, and makes sure they stay in place.
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Re: Building Tips

Postby onions » Fri Apr 10, 2009 10:33 am

mmm yeah, not sure where this is headed, or where it's supposed to go. i don't even think it's posted in the right place.

i applaud your enthusiasm for sharing, but this topic doesn't seem very constructive for the obvious lack of detail or direction. locking in 3....
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