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VIP Early Access For 10235 Winter Village Market Now Enabled

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VIP Early Access For 10235 Winter Village Market Now Enabled

Postby Staff » Wed Sep 18, 2013 9:38 am


As I understand it, this was supposed to go live on Monday but the site was having issues and probably went live yesterday and I plum forgot about it until this morning when I got the email. If you're a VIP member, you can now purchase 10235 Winter Village Market a few weeks ahead of its official on sale date of October 1. It qualifies for the free Mini Camper Van promo and you'll get free shipping since it's over the $75 threshold. But if you wait until October, you'll gain double VIP points with every purchase all October long and also get the first of two 2013 holiday sets and still get free shipping. Decisions decisions.
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Re: VIP Early Access For 10235 Winter Village Market Now Ena

Postby Brainslugged » Wed Sep 18, 2013 9:56 am

I like playing the "count the 1x1 studs/plates/tiles" game with this set. Last time I did it, I think I spotted about 250.

I'm not sure about this set. I've thought the sets have got better and better the last few years. I just don't like the way this one is in so many little pieces. But I have to remind myself that Lego is first and foremost aimed at kids and they'd probably appreciate all the separate little booths.
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Re: VIP Early Access For 10235 Winter Village Market Now Ena

Postby jonutah » Wed Sep 18, 2013 10:25 am

Maybe its me, but their explanation of this "promotion" is confusing:

"As a LEGO® VIP you can be among the first to get your hands on the new 10235 Winter Village Market Exclusive! However, with double VIP Points just around the corner, you'll get the VIP star treatment WHENEVER you make your order.

OPTION 1: Purchase NOW through September 30th and get exclusive early access to purchase Winter Village Market.*

OPTION 2: Purchase October 1st through October 31st: VIPs get DOUBLE VIP Points on purchases of ALL LEGO sets.**"

The first paragraph is poorly written as it basically suggests that you get double VIP points regardless of when you purchase the set ("WHENEVER you make your order."). But, then goes on to explain that's not the case. Basically its a worthless paragraph.

- Jon
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