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Any Ideas for the future of Technic Lego?

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Any Ideas for the future of Technic Lego?

Postby Marty » Thu Mar 28, 2013 4:39 pm

Normally, I stay clear of this stuff, because as a rule cars, trucks & farm equipment is not my thing, but technic Lego as a rule is quite brilliant in it's design. The roundabout model was an excellent example, for one.
I've also built a few models over the years and from time to time I've used it in design, now I heard from the various web sites that Lego maybe dropping off the technic line. Which is a real shame if true, so it got me thinking what else could Lego come up with that would draw people mostly older kids & adults to go for something in the technic line?

It's the norm that whatever it is would be it would have to move, lights would be good, and as would something that hadn't been done before.

So I've added my two cents, may be some of you have better ideas, but this is mine.

I would love to see a technic version of the 2002 time machine, but it would have to have the same movements as the movie prop. So far I don't think Lego has ever done something like this in technic, and the demand for a model such as this would be huge as well as challenging. No little kid could put this together so it would be aimed at the older kids to adults.
Think of the large falcon but a lot difficult to put together & it actually moves!

Next idea would be a huey helicopter, and not a small one either, all working parts and perhaps room for a motor and lights, or failing that, a Bell 222 with retractable landing gear, lights and motorised rotors.
I know there has been helicopters before in technic but a grand model such as these would something to see.

Next idea would be to build an actual working analog cuckoo clock with chimes, hey it's a challenge . I've seen plans for a Lego clock and I think the achievement of putting together that actually works would be interesting.

What would your ideas be?
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Re: Any Ideas for the future of Technic Lego?

Postby Joedward » Wed Apr 03, 2013 1:22 pm

F22 or Spitfire.

After a few years without buying and Technic sets at all, I now have a good dozen or so from maybe 2010 or 2011 to now, most of which are still built, and I imagine something like those two planes could, theoretically, be done spectacularly well.

I know they're both incredibly unlikely, but after we got the Sopwith Camel last year I shall continue to live in hope.
(that's Mr. Ed to you)

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Re: Any Ideas for the future of Technic Lego?

Postby lowlead » Sat Apr 06, 2013 4:31 pm

I would very much like to see a larger PF snow groomer, such as a Pisten Bully 600W, but with the complexity and size of the Unimog.

8263 is a favorite of mine, but it has so much more potential as a larger set.
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