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Review: The Amazing Spider-man

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Review: The Amazing Spider-man

Postby Staff » Sat Jul 28, 2012 11:28 am

1. The Amazing Spider-man Review

I was on the fence about seeing this movie right up until I made the decision to go last Thursday night. I waited in line for the midnight showings of all three of the previous Spider-man films and even did my very best to make the last one as much fun as possible for everyone who attended with Spidey beachballs, trivia and silly string webshooter fights. I tip my hat to this day for the brave soul who attended that movie in his adult sized Spider-man pajama onesie complete with rear escape hatch. Spidey is my favourite super hero, so why would I not be waiting in line to see this film when I wasted many an hour in sheer anticipation of previous spider-films? I've thought long and hard about that and what it all boils down to is this: I wanted to dislike this movie.

The Amazing Spider-Man?
"I'll give it a shot though, for curiosity's sake."

There were many reasons for me to feel this way and even though they may not be very good reasons, they kept pulling me over to the side of just skipping it and possibly renting it on DVD like I did with Green Lantern. I still regret that, but I'm weak and I REALLY wanted that to be a good movie. I really wanted to like the previous Spider-man films too and that was easy to do, at least until the third film rolled around. It will be no surprise to many that Spider-man 3 left a very bad taste in my mouth (regardless of what some people think) and I'm still ticked off at Sony for interfering with Raimi and forcing too much into one movie. I'm no fan of reboots and neither is Sony considering they made every attempt to say that this wasn't one, skirting the issue, calling it an untold story that could sit within the confines of the others or just avoiding the question all together. I felt that the first two movies were good enough that a reboot was unneccessary, but the third film created a problem because it was doubtful the fans would come out in droves for a fourth installment after the fallout from 3.

2. Still better than Green Lantern
"Still better than Green Lantern."

With a reboot the only option I was given I finally bucked and decided to see the film with the hope I'd be able to judge it on it own merits alone and not have to keep going back to original films. Unfortunately, it was almost impossible to do that in the state the film hit the screen. This is not a complete film and there are two reasons for that. Firstly, there are gaps in the story that can't even be refered to as plot holes because at times there isn't even enough plot around them to make you care. Secondly, the creators of this film were so convinced that the audience would have seen the original films that they either left out key points and sequences or went so far out of their way to do it differently that it became painful and obvious. One character disappered after dividing his screen time being a generically evil story catalyst and setting up possible sequels. Gone. No explaination given and no one seemed to care one way or the other as they were already having difficulties keeping their own motivations straight and being overly agnst-y.

3. Sciencing
"I'd help with those equations, but I only have one arm."

Take a close look at the above picture. See that little blonde kid in the photos in Doc Connors office? That's his son Billy who is a huge part of Curt's motivation in the comics. Important enough for the set dressers to include his pics, not important enough to be in the film apparently. So, what was the doctor's motivation? That any form of handicap is a weakness and must be eradicated, of course!

4. Tech Based Web-Shooters
"They light up so you know they're high-tech!"

There were some things I really liked about this movie, but I'm left questioning the decisions made to include them. Peter building his web-shooters was a big win, but when you consider the main reason they made it a biological ability in the other films was that they felt people wouldn't be able to relate to Peter if he was too smart, I have to wonder if Iron Man proved that wasn't an issue. If that's the case it becomes less of a leap of faith in the audience and more of way to differentiate it from the previous films and an easier way to sell toys. Again they spend ample time showing the developement of the web shooters, but not the perfection of their use. Why bother? They did that in the previous film, so folks will just accept it and move on. There's much more important stuff to show, like skateboarding and a teen relationship that gets so serious so fast Peter is ready to reveal his secrets after just one date. Peter spends the majority of the film making poor choices and that is at least a pretty accurate portrayal of being a teenager. I also really enjoyed the heavy use of practical effects and hiring an actor who used to be a gymnast was definitely a good choice, even if he played Peter as more of a punk than a nerd.

5. Pays to hire a gymnast
"Some folks enjoyed the gymnastics more than others."

The little details were the best part for me, how some things just looked right. Peter's camera was perfect and I was actually ticked off when it was destroyed and speaking of perfection, Emma Stone. gorram. Not only was she spot on as Gwen Stacy, but I never want to see her with anything but her natural hair colour again. Oh, and she did a pretty good job acting as well. To be honest the performances were really good overall in this film, but we've all seen plenty of bad movies where the actors did their best to bail and the ship sank anyway. Garfield and Stone's on screen chemistry was as genuine as it became off screen, but what was the chemistry based on? They went from barely speaking to a couple of awkward flirtations post spider bite to secret sharing/making out after a particularly awkward dinner with her parents. It's true that relationships often move this quickly (doubly so with teens), but the trust and depth of their relationship has no basis and comes out of nowhere. That does no justice for what was and always will be Peter Parker's true love.

6. Spider-who?
"Seriously though, gorram."

If I'm going to bith and moan I'll not let the newest Spider-suit off the hook without going through the ringer. Terrible. Other than the web shooters this is by far the worst looking suit I've seen and I dare you to try and show me one I like less. Go ahead, give it a try. I double dog dare you! I'll only point out one thing that really bothers me about it and that's the way the red portions seems to be specifically designed to point to and emphasize the crotch. Normally these designs either stay located on the chest or there is a belted area to break it up and draw attention away from the groin area. I'm sure there is a fair sized audience who enjoy some spider junk, but why would a character who specifically bemoans spandex draw attention to it? It makes it look awkward and goofy and that's really saying something about a guy who climbs walls wearing a red and blue spandex fettish suit. Once again I feel this suffers from the need to seperate the film from the previous whenther they got it right the first time or not.

7. Not a fan of the new Spidey Suit
"They should have just let him wear his PJ's"

I have no problem with a film trying to set up future sequels and if it's well written these little details serve to enhance the story while teasing the audience of things to come. If you spend too much time doing it, while skipping important details and leaving too much up in the air you end up with one big plot hole and nothing comes together. I want THIS to be a good movie, not a smaller piece of a larger arc. It has to stand on it's own and this film doesn't.

8. I'll autograph your comic in a second kid...
"This scene would actually have made the movie better."

The cinematography was inconsistant, the score was uninspiring and nearly non-existant, the CGI suffered a constant sketchy lack of phsical weight... I could go on and on.

What I Liked:

  • Non-biological web shooters.


  • The set dressers and others involved did a great job with the little things like books that shared titles with comic story lines and Peter's camera.

  • Emma Stone. gorram!

What I didn't Like:

  • The suit.

  • The need to be so different that they rewrote uncle Ben's classic speech and left it twisted and toothless.

  • Everything else.

Vedict: I could sit here for the next week and continue to think of things I didn't like about this movie, but that won't surprise you because I set out to hate it and made sure to get my wish, right? Wrong. While it's true I wanted to dislike this movie, that was based on what I saw of it and how much that bothered me going in. I always had hope and as I recently learned from two movies, that's the ingredient you need for true despair. I guess Spider-man: Turn Off The Dark's starting to look pretty good right about now...

9. Still No
"Just Kidding. What a trainwreck."

Skip it. Rent it if you're curious like I did with Green Lantern. If only that film had had Emma Stone it might have been redeemable...

10. Amazing

Nope, still would have been terrible.
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Re: Review: The Amazing Spider-man

Postby Avenged110 » Sat Jul 28, 2012 2:40 pm

Well I liked it...
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Re: Review: The Amazing Spider-man

Postby buriedbybricks » Sat Jul 28, 2012 3:34 pm

After a rebuttal like that, I've no choice but to take it all back.

Curse you!
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Re: Review: The Amazing Spider-man

Postby JovAwesome » Sat Jul 28, 2012 6:28 pm

I really liked it, I agreed on some of your points.
I thought the costume was bad but it didn't bother me when in action. The lizard was not good, but not as bad as Venom in SM3.
I REALLY LOVED the fight in the school. it was the most Spider-man thing I ever scene. I understand why they toke long for him to become Spider-man, It dug more dip into Peters character. Spider-man himself was more Spider-man than in the Sam Rami movies, not emo or boring as hell. oh and Emma Stone, DAUME! :lol:
I sound like a nerd cause Spider-Man is my favorite hero and had a big influence to me as a kid. I think this is better than all the Spidey movies except Spider-Man 2. ;)
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Re: Review: The Amazing Spider-man

Postby Mars Needs LEGO » Sat Jul 28, 2012 11:06 pm

I think I'd have liked the movie better had they either: 1) Kept in the parts they edited out, which presumably would have related to Peter's "destiny" and the research his parents were doing that also made it possible for him to survive the spider/human hybridization process, as well as the villain who disappeared immediately after the Lizard's bridge attack; or B) removed the opening sequence with Peter's parents that set up all the stuff they edited out. If you're going to remove a chunk of plot from a movie, you have to take the whole thing out or else you're left with something that never gets paid off... until (again, presumably) the sequel. Which, in this case, leaves you with an incomplete film. (See also: Prometheus.)

Fox did a much better job in keeping the X-Men franchise from reverting to Marvel with First Class than Sony did with the Spider-Man property. It's patently obvious that they favored having a director they could control, whereas Fox hired Matthew Vaughn, a filmmaker with an actual body of work and a vision for the material.
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Re: Review: The Amazing Spider-man

Postby Flynn » Sun Jul 29, 2012 12:06 am

Sony kept out of the film from all I've heard. Webb does have some clout, if not much.
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Re: Review: The Amazing Spider-man

Postby Robzula » Mon Jul 30, 2012 8:46 am

I went into this movie thinking I wouldn't like it but hoping it could change my mind. I came out having really enjoyed it, not as much as Raimi's films but I still enjoyed it. I realize now it was probably because it was after midnight when I saw it and after a really stressful day. The huge plot holes, the Twilight meets Disney Channel portrayal of Peter Parker, the god awful CGI, the schizophrenic score (big swelling triumphant moving music while the crane operators move their booms into place followed by nothing when Spidey actually makes it to the tower to battle Lizard?)...

Speaking of which... Who the hell thought it was a good idea to spend the nearly ten minutes leading up to the big battle by having a construction worker get his buddies together to move their cranes so Spider-Man had target to swing from... and then treat it as this big huge triumph of humanity even bigger than then when (SPOILERS, I guess) Spidey foils the Lizard's plan... It was goofier and cornier than the dance number in Spider-Man 3.

I also really didn't get the impression that Peter was the genius he's supposed to be. He's mentioned to be second in his class but that's about it. He fakes his way into Connors' employ by using his dad's secret code, he doesn't really build his own web-shooters, he uses Oscorp tech.

It was nice that we got a wise-cracking Spider-Man, but they ruined that too by just making him act like a rooster rather than being playful and witty.

Add on the fact that Spider-Man is in the movie for maybe five minutes total (hyperbole, calm down) and when he is it's almost always nighttime. Spider-Man is, as my friend put it, a "day time hero." This didn't feel like the New York of Spider-Man's universe, it felt like Gotham. Raimi made sure to have Spider-Man out in the day fighting crime while showing off big, recognizable landmarks from New York. The only daylight action in this movie occurs when Lizard hunts Peter, forcing him to don the suit. There is a reason that scene was so awesome: It actually felt right! (also had the best Stan Lee cameo yet, but that's beside the point) He also has his mask off for a good amount of these scenes, leading me to believe they went the route of Venom in SM3 and wanted to show off the actor more than the character. One of the biggest moments in Spider-Man history that even casual Marvel fans know about was when he removed his mask during Civil War. Apparently now that that's out of the way they can just go ahead and do it willy-nilly. (As a side note, I really don't know anything about the character and wan't too excited about the movie, but I'm really glad the makers of Dredd are adamant about keeping his helmet on. That alone sold me on it.)
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Re: Review: The Amazing Spider-man

Postby Walter Boy » Mon Jul 30, 2012 2:21 pm

If I'm going to bith and moan I'll not let the newest Spider-suit off the hook without going through the ringer. Terrible. Other than the web shooters this is by far the worst looking suit I've seen and I dare you to try and show me one I like less. Go ahead, give it a try. I double dog dare you!

I don't know if you'd count this one, but I always thought it was pretty awful. ;)
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Re: Review: The Amazing Spider-man

Postby buriedbybricks » Mon Jul 30, 2012 4:41 pm

Heh, actually I really like that one. I was a great moment that showed Peter's relationship with the FF and still managed to be embarrasing, which are the bread and butter jokes in a Spidey book.

It was my second favourite variant of "The Other" storyline.
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