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Review: 6867 Loki's Cosmic Cube Escape

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Review: 6867 Loki's Cosmic Cube Escape

Postby Staff » Fri Apr 27, 2012 4:13 am

You know, it's always tricky to do reviews on sets for a movie or show that hasn't come out yet. It's even harder when you're someone that is basically living in a virtual cave and refusing to watch any trailers or teasers for that same movie. Yes, that's right... I haven't watched any of the Avenger's trailers. Sure, I've seen the promo materials, and I own the entire LEGO Super Heroes set line (just not those ugly super-sized figures), including all of the Avengers sets, so something here is kind of spoilerific.

Loki's Comsmic Cube Escape is one of two $20 sets in the Marvel half of the LEGO Super Heroes line, and the only one that's tied to the upcoming movie. The other one is the Wolverine's Chopper Battle set, which, while delicious in it's own right, is much more comic-inspired than movie-driven, so it looks quite a bit different from the Avenger's line. And the first impression is that at $20, this set could be a steal...

You know, I really pride myself on being such a positive and easy going person, that never uses sarcasm or cyncism when I turn a critical eye to sets. </scarcasm>

I know, I couldn't even keep that act up for a full paragraph. Yes, I'm known to be particularly hard on sets. In part, it's because I like being critical, but it's also because I believe in being honest. That's why I hate going to LEGO [email protected] and seeing all the reviews, which are basically between 4.3 and 4.8 most of the time. I can think of only one time I've seen a lower score, when the flexi-tracks came out for trains. Things like that are just worthless, because it doesn't tell you if something is good or not. You don't have to agree with everything (or really anything) I say, but when you're done reading, hopefully you can look at a set with a bit more of a critical eye.

That being said, I really like this set. My first impression was fairly close, it's a good little set. I know it might sound wrong, but I think this is actually the better value at the $20 line than any other Superheroes set, but it's close. As it sits, the $20 price point in this line has been absolutely great. I mean, we first got my favorite set out of the DC side, the Superman vs. Lex Luthor vs. Wonder Woman thing. That thing was worth the money for Superman's hairpiece, for crying out loud.

Then, with Marvel, we got this set and the aforementioned Wolverine's Chopper; and when you make a set where Wolverine is the weakest figure (but still great, assuming you can overlook the claws and mouth gap), that's saying something. I don't get LEGO a whole lot of credit, but this line and the price points have been great. More than that, this set gives us a brand new type of part, introduced with this line, and it is awesome.

Not to say everything is just perfect in it. The first problem is in the minifigs, but not with the minifigs. Without seeing the movie, the biggest issue I can identify right away is that we have a set with Loki that doesn't include Thor. Maybe it makes sense in the movie, we haven't seen it yet. But I could easily have seen swapping out Iron Man in this set for Thor instead, and putting him in the Hellicarrier escape instead. Hawkeye sort of has to be here, simply because he's the only one other than Black Widow that would have a need of vehicle.

First up, let's cover Iron Man. And let's just glaze over the fact that his head is Ted Danson huge... that's a horse that's been beaten to death. There are actually two different Iron Man figures, one with the triangle and the other with a circle on the front for the power source. I'm kind of curious about that, since it was basically the whole plot of Iron Man 2 setting up the change to the triangle.


Okay, I'm going to beat the dead horse a little. It's comically large, and should have been done like the Toy Faire one, but while the front looks bad, the back looks even worse. That being said, the printing looks great. The use of trans-blue works for the whole rockets thing, but it does make him quite a bit less stable.

A really weird thing about Iron Man though? He looks just fine if you raise the mask. It's a nice feature, one they could only do with the oversized helmet. It would have looked better with a different head for it being up, but find a way to display him like this and it works. We also get an alt-face... but what Iron Man could really use is some Tony Stark Hair when you decide to shut off giant head mode.


Next up, we have Hawkeye, otherwise known as the Aquaman of the DC universe. Okay, he's not as bad as Aquaman, but had anyone really cared about Hawkeye before now? I get that he was part of the Avengers, but come on, the Justice League had the Green Arrow... okay, bad example. Comic book does rock that purple costume, and had a promenent role in the House of M, so I guess there's that.


He's not a bad looking figure, but comes off as generic as his character probably will be in the movie. A great torso to reuse for other space or modern type stuff, and I'll always welcome more fleshy arms. I wish the mouths were swapped between the different sides, but that's me. The bow is accurate to the cameo in Thor, and probably to Avenger's too. The hair is nice, but I have a thing for red/orange hair, otherwise known as the color the gods give to the best humans among us.

Last up, the namesake of the set, Loki, taking off with what I guess is the cosmic cube that the end of Thor set up for us.


Now Loki is just absolutely spot-on, and the movie did a great job of capturing the trickster god. You just have to love that helmet. His staff is two pieces, a staff from Pharaoh's Quest and a sai from Ninjago, and it works out fairly well. No alt face on him, but you get a green cape , so there is that.

And like I said, what this set really needs is Thor. Sadly, we only get him in the two most expensive sets in the line, and once they're reviewed, I'm sure you'll learn what I know, that he's the best figure in the entire series. I would have loved to see him in this set... thinking Loki, Thor, and Hawkeye would have just pushed this over the edge into awesome.

And that's... wait, there's a truck in this set too? How about that, it actually looks to be the main focus of the entire thing.

You know, that thing isn't half bad. You'd think it'd have everything against it... stickers, flick fires, and the launcher system in the bed. It's not comically oversized like the Pizza Planet truck was in the Toy Story line (it was still cool, but too large to use in other scenes). It hits the perfect mark for being swooshable, or playable, as it were.


Some elements on this were done really well. The front, obviously, with the pretty innovative use of the gate/fence as a lower grill and ram, and of course, some more round 1x1 tiles are always welcome. The lights across the top are a great touch, and the bed rails are just crazy nice. The launcher on the back doesn't really launch anything, but it feels like a minor quibble in the end.

Yes, it has stickers, but this is the type of set that I'm okay with. They're used well, markers on tiles and accents, as well as the door for the S.H.E.I.L.D. logo. They don't stick out, and meld well. And if you take them off, the truck still looks just fine. Also, what the heck is that red thing? A fire extinguisher? I'm very curious about it in the movie, because it's in the Hellicarrier Escape too, placed prominently in the playset.

This thing is also the perfect size to drop into a city scene, with a bit of MOC-work. Sure, it's huge compared to most LEGO cars and what not, but doesn't look out of place at all if you add some trucks. Take off the flick fires, add some mirrors, remove the stickers and put the launcher thing down into just a truck bed, and this is a good city truck.

Oh, and of course, you have to fix the problem that all LEGO vehicles seem to have... passenger room. Sure, you can really stretch your arms, but you're always driving alone. The truck is wide enough that there has to be a way to address it, but I haven't taken the time to figure out what the fix is. Also, blue is ugly for the seats, I'd swap in some brown or black. Or better yet, dark grey.

All-in-all, it's a good little set. Simple in some respects, with new minifigs, and it has a lot of play-potential for kids. The new 1x2 inverted brackets are awesome, and I'm sure we're going to see a flood of the other parts hit the market as people (like me) buy up the set for them. But maybe not, cause dark blue is cool too.

What I liked:

  • $20 is the perfect price-point for a set like this

  • Truck is solid and would be fun to play with, and with some minor mods, can drop right into other themes.

  • Loki is spot on, Hawkeye is a good fig even if bland

  • 1x2x1 inverted brackets!

What I didn't like:

  • <dead horse>Iron Man's Head is still absurd</dead horse>

  • Figure selection in the set doesn't seem right

  • Cosmic Cube was just a lazy 1x1 trans-clear brick

  • Launcher couldn't outfire a flick-fire missile

Verdict: Buy it. You can pick it up at LEGO [email protected]

Buy 6867 Loki's Cosmic Cube Escape

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Re: Review: 6867 Loki's Cosmic Cube Escape

Postby CaptainFordo » Fri Apr 27, 2012 7:00 am

I have seen the movie so I'll just make a coupla comments on accuracy:
The bow is actually inaccurate, since it's not a compound bow in the film, but it's stylistically more appealing so not a big deal (and if you want to nitpick, Loki is helmetless in this scene and Hawkeye is not wearing that uniform, just a tactical jacket type thing, not to mention the shades are not in the film at all, unless I blinked and missed them, certainly not used when he's wearing the vest anyway, but they look good so again stylistic choice which I'm glad they went with over accuracy).

Also, yes the red thing is a fire extinguisher, surprised you haven't noticed any in Lego sets before, they've been around a while. That also doesn't feature in the movie, it just seems to be a standard "throw it in" extra Lego likes using.

The truck is close, just the movie one is 4 door not 2

As for the exclusion of Thor...minor spoilers about characters in the scene in question:
Spoiler: show
he is not in this scene, both the Quinjet and Helicarrier sets are more accurate in his inclusion, though the Quinjet seems to combine 2 separate scenes into one. But by the same token Iron Man isn't in this scene either, nonetheless it was a wise move I think, since kids love Iron Man (as do many adults too) so including him in a cheaper set was only fair

Good review! I've been waiting to read one for ages, even though I have the sets, I just dig FBTB reviews =)
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Re: Review: 6867 Loki's Cosmic Cube Escape

Postby majortom » Fri Apr 27, 2012 9:20 am

Thanks for the review, although I picked this up last week it is interesting to hear someone else's perspective. And the only reviews I've seen up until now have been on Eurobricks, and I must say FBTB's review style (and quality) is far superior. (Plus your not all Clone Wars fanboys). ;D

I was more interested in the figures than the truck itself, although the selection of dark blue bricks and a few previously unseen elements will come in useful.

I love the minifigs but as representations of the characters of the movie, hmm...
We've already noted Hawkeye's bow, but this is forgivable; it still works aesthetically but his costume down to the goggles is all wrong. Similarly, Loki's staff is totally inaccurate too (but the rest of the figure is maybe one of the best in the line, I may be biased; Tom Hiddleston plays the part really well). Iron-man in the flesh still looks more like the elephant man and I'm kind of in two minds about this fig. Also, If you review the Quinjet, you'll see that Black Widow fig is recognisable as Scarlett Johanssen's character, but well off the mark.
I still love them though, and I'm working towards a complete Avengers team. I think I'd rather the promotional hulk minifig than the green wampa, though.
I agree that the distribution of the figs in the sets throughout the line is somewhat puzzling, but you'd have to see the movie to see my point.

I wasnt sure if it was worth posting this in the 'great finds' forum but:
**I actually managed to pick this up at my local Argos (UK) for £14.99, which is £5.00 off the RRP.**
Wolverine's chopper is 25% off too!
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Re: Review: 6867 Loki's Cosmic Cube Escape

Postby CaptainFordo » Fri Apr 27, 2012 9:52 am

Well, the costume for THIS scene is wrong, but it's still the costume he wears in the finale (sans shades of course) so I wouldn't say it's a total write off =)

Oh, one more comment on the review, you've misassembled the bottom front grill, it needs to be rotated up so it touches the other, see the front of the box =)

The cube actually really annoys me having seen the film now, it's portrayed as blue the entire way through so they could've at least made it translucent blue instead of clear.
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Re: Review: 6867 Loki's Cosmic Cube Escape

Postby ufjason » Sat Apr 28, 2012 3:00 am

I think the bed launcher is to toss Loki out of the truck. No free rides.
eBay store, contact me if you'd like to perform trades from my inventory. I'm looking for original genosian fighers, second version a-wing fighters and tie bombers. I may be interested in other sets so let me know what you have.
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Re: Review: 6867 Loki's Cosmic Cube Escape

Postby CaptainFordo » Sun Apr 29, 2012 7:35 am

One thing I would've like from this jeep which it didn't deliver was room in the truck bed to seat more troops, would've made for a neat troop transport. Not seats or anything, just more places to lock people to the floor. Bit cheaper than the Quinjet =P
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Re: Review: 6867 Loki's Cosmic Cube Escape

Postby Morgan19 » Tue Jun 05, 2012 6:46 am

My local stores finally got this set in stock this week. I think it's the first one I've gotten in a while at MSRP that, after building, I haven't felt disappointed in some way with: there's no buyer's remorse, for once! Hallelujah.

After tearing out the catapult and flick-fires, the truck itself feels like a solid little vehicle. I can't put my finger on why, but it reminds me of a GI Joe toy you'd get in the 80s: it just "feels" good zooming around the desk, and it looks great. Yeah, Iron Man's noggin is gigantic (even in person), but overall it's a nice mix of characters for a $20 set. And he's surprisingly fun to swoosh around with the trans-blues coming out of his feet. :lol:

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