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Studs Comic #1

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Re: Studs Comic #1

Postby SWATminifigGUY » Sat Jan 07, 2012 4:54 pm

jonutah wrote:I will also add that one reason I think lego is more popular with boys is that I believe boys carry more mirror neurons than girls. That is, little signals in the brain that has them wanting to imitate things they see. So, they see Star Wars, they want to play Star Wars. They see Harry Potter, they want to play Harry Potter. This is why, I believe these sets are so hugely popular with boys (and lego is ultimately as successful as it is today). Without those movie/toy tie-ins that fire the mirror neurons in BOYS, Lego could not compete (regardless of girl themes or not).

The research in mirror neurons thus far actually suggests that females experience higher motor resonance than males in tests, suggesting that the inverse is true. Mirror neurons no doubt play an important part, (such as how we percieve and imitate/react to stereotypes) but the core issue here is stereotypes children are exposed to.
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Re: Studs Comic #1

Postby cas » Sat Jan 07, 2012 5:16 pm

It's okay to drive and have a doctorate in veterinary medicine but not to have boobs? What age group these "Friends" characters are supposed to represent? There's complaints that these figures have boobs, among other things, yet most of them seem to have some type of employment and the ability to drive. So, 16? 17? They can't be younger because then they'd be breaking all sorts of laws and then what kind of message does that send young girls?
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