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Review: 7142 X-wing Fighter

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Review: 7142 X-wing Fighter

Postby Wash » Fri Jul 29, 2011 12:21 pm


The X-wing Starfighter, without a doubt one of the most iconic vehicles from the original trilogy and definitely my favorite. But does the Lego version do such an awesome ship justice? Does it hold up to todays standards? Read on and find out!


First released in 1999 with the first wave of Lego Star Wars sets, this set was popular from the start, popular enough to demand a re-issue in 2002, an not one, but two remakes, one in 2004, and another in 2006, the latter is still available today. Needles to say this set was on many kid's, and AFOL's, holiday wishlists in 1999.

On to the review, lets start with the minifig's shall we?


A great selection, with two pilots, an R2-D2 and a rebel engineer. All of them are the classic minifigure yellow, (which I prefer to todays flesh tones) with regular, simple, not-horrendous, faces (I'm looking at you Ki-adi Mundi).


Here's our pilot Luke Skywalker, with his awesome chrome lightsaber. Oh how I miss the days when these wicked chrome hilts were not reserved for UCS sets.


R2-D2, the true star of the set. No doubt that astromech droids are some of the coolest minifigures ever, collectors of the star wars line will have amassed a small army of these guys, this particular version of R2 has been in 15 sets.


This is Biggs, apparently he's one of Lukes friend's. theres not much to say about this one other than, woot another rebel pilot. At least his helmet is cool.


And finally, the rebel engineer. In ANH he gets even less screen time than Biggs, but for some reason I really like the minifig. It's probably the moustache.

There was a trend in the older Star wars sets to include little vehicles or scenery to the main kit to enhance playability, or maybe it was to boost piece count, I dunno. Anyway some made more sense than others, the little train/scooter that was included with the X-wing was one of the better ones and from what I can tell, was actually in the movie.
Image Image Image
It's a fun little vehicle with a rack for tools and a passenger seat. The front holds what I presume are those light-cones they have at airports, although I'm not so sure what the stacked 2x2 black bricks are supposed to be


The actual X-wing, the reason you all bought the set in the first place. It's reasonably accurate and looks great by 1999 standards as well as today, the printed wedge on the front is one of the coolest pieces in the whole set, i just really dig that print. The only problem here is that in this set the nose does not taper before the tip like in the film or the 2004 and 2006 versions. The colors on the nose seem so much more smoother than on the latest version. Also, I don't know what the rest of you think but I prefer my X-wings grey, the white color just doesn't seem right.


The back is pretty pain aside from the trans-neon-orange 2x2 round bricks and (you sant see it in this photo) the printed tile that was common in early star wars sets. Also notice that, sadly, some of the click hinges have started to loosen, making the left wings droop :'( .

Image Image

Here's some shots of the opening compartments on the nose and the fuselage(?), there isn't much to store in these except Luke's lightsaber, but I'm glad to have them anyway. In these photos you can also see the tan rebel insignia tiles, these serve as pretty much the only source of greebles on the X-wing


Final impressions

Overall I think X-Wing Fighter was, and still is, an awesome set. Fun to build, very sturdy, and practically made for swooshing. And for the original MSRP of $30 for 266 its a good deal too, almost hitting the golden ratio. It's great sets like this that helped make the line such a success.

In terms of accuracy, It could be better, but it could be much worse, the only really noticeable inaccuracy would be that the wings are a bit short and skinny and look a tiny bit out of proportion with the rest of the ship. There's also the fact that there are no walls around R2, he is simply standing on the ship, but this is mostly covered by the wings so it doesn't really matter.

The part selection is actually pretty good although there isn't anything really special, with the exception of the awesome printed wedge on the nose and the targeting computer in the cockpit. There is a lot of grey, dark grey, and red. Most of the parts had been used mostly in space and Star Wars.

Value: 9/10
Build quality: 9/10
Accuracy: 7/10
Swooshability: 10/10
Minifigures: 9/10
Reviewers Tilt: 10/10
Final Score (average): 9
Verdict, If you don't already have it, buy it. This is, IMO, one of the greatest Star Wars sets of all time. It shouldn't cost too much on bricklink/eBay so if you see one for a reasonable price I highly recommend you get it.
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Re: Review: 7142 X-wing Fighter

Postby Mofo Jones » Sat Jul 30, 2011 7:19 am

7140 shouldn't cost much on BL or eBay. I've seen MISB ones going for $60, which isn't too bad for a 12 year old set. 7142, being the re-release of the set, will cost about twice that.

I have 7140 and it's been mostly assembled since 1999. Seriously. had it partially dismantled to fit into the box when I was moving, but other than that, out and on display. It's getting a bit of wear and yellowing, but since I never plan to sell it, I can live with a few old looking bricks. One of these days I'm planning on buying a MISB one and building it again.
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