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anyone read comics anymore?

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anyone read comics anymore?

Postby onions » Tue Oct 19, 2010 2:39 pm

anything out there worth reading? i'm pretty open to anything that's well written.

back in my younger days i was into the typical marvel stuff: x-men, spiderman, avengers, fantastic four. i stopped when i was about 13 or so when i discovered girls. around that time i just started getting into sandman and following some writers that i liked at the time, like frank miller and walt simonson. malibu, just before they got bought by marvel, had some great titles. but i'm kinda interested in reading something again. any recommendations?

and if i can get it digitally delivered to my iphone all the better.
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Re: anyone read comics anymore?

Postby Robzula » Tue Oct 19, 2010 2:47 pm

I haven't read much of it yet because getting into comics is... Well, there's a lot of stuff and it gets confusing to figure out what you want, but what I've read of the recent Green Lantern stuff (Rebirth, The Sinestro Corps Wars, and Blackest Night) it's pretty much the coolest thing ever. The ambiguously canon Star Wars Tales comics are also great if you haven't read them yet. Don't know where you can find them for your iPhone, though.
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Re: anyone read comics anymore?

Postby HoboBob1138 » Tue Oct 19, 2010 2:59 pm

The Amory Wars. Yes Amory, not Armory. It is the comic adaption of Second Stage Turbine Blade and In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3 albums by the band Coheed and Cambria. Its a great story IMO.
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Re: anyone read comics anymore?

Postby vynsane » Wed Oct 20, 2010 11:04 am

Atomic Robo is one of the funnest books out there right now. Volume 1 ("Atomic Robo and the Fightin' Scientists of Tesladyne") is available via iTunes.

"Hellboy" is great. Kirkman's "The Walking Dead" and "Invincible" are awesome. "Fables" and "Jack of Fables" (Vertigo) are great reads as well.

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Re: anyone read comics anymore?

Postby Chief » Wed Oct 20, 2010 12:39 pm

I second the Invincibles vote. Ace, Invincible is the comic I was getting signed by the artists and author at ComicCon, and the guy who wrote it (Kirkman) is the one you took a picture of me with <3
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Re: anyone read comics anymore?

Postby Robzula » Fri Oct 22, 2010 3:17 pm

Also, if you prefer the web variety of comics, here's a few of my favorites:

Order of the Stick would be my top recommendation (hence it's at the top). Great story mixed in with some excellent humor (mostly about DnD but not exclusively) and surprisingly powerful emotional impact.
Dr. McNinja is one I've just started getting into and is so far turning out to be hilarious.
Darths and Droids is basically "What if Star Wars was a tabletop RPG instead of a movie?" Notable for the fact that it isn't just a joke a day comic pointing out discrepancies within the Star Wars universe, but has a compelling storyline it follows.
Housepets! is just... It's just super cute.

And then a couple I'd recommend but can't really link to 'cause they're not family friendly:
Just Another Web Comic is... hard to describe. It manages to take itself seriously while still being one of the most randomly hilarious things I've ever seen. If you've seen the anime Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, it's sort of like that (by the way, you should watch Bobobo). Contains a bit of strong language, sexual themes, and nudity.

Jack is my favorite webcomic I've ever read. It's basically a series of short stories all involving the Grim Reaper\Wrath of Sin Jack, but which also has an over-arching story playing around throughout each short story. As such it deals a lot about Heaven and Hell and yet manages to 1) not be blasphemous, 2) not be preachy, and 3) be incredibly compelling to read. Note it's NOT a comedy and is at many times very depressing (and other times incredibly uplifting). Contains strong language, strong sexual themes, nudity, strong violence and gore... It's not for kids or people of weak disposition. (if you're interested in looking it up, the website's name is "pholph" and should be the first result if you search "Jack")
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Re: anyone read comics anymore?

Postby bobalego » Sat Oct 30, 2010 8:17 pm

I went to the NY Comic Con a few weeks back and thought I would relive my childhood (Ok, highschool to first year of college.) I was mildly interested, and then bored after 2 hours. I should mention that when I first entered, who did I see and did not know was going to be there but Nathan Sawaya and his booth. Cool to finally meet him...then I met Tricia Helfer, and saw a few other BSG actresses. Other than that, I bought 3 comics and was sadly uninterested. The last great comic I read was "Wanted", ruined by the movie version and I usually love movies more than books. I'd like to read "Kick-Ass" for this reason but it is so expensive even to buy a reprint of it...and then there was a comic that almost brought me back into the comic world 6 years ago...It was an overdone plot of "Ultimate Hulk vs Wolverine" but the opening image of the Hulk ripping Wolverine in half hooked me...4 years later issue 3 still hadn't come I gave up on comics... :'(
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Re: anyone read comics anymore?

Postby Erahtapivar » Sun Oct 31, 2010 1:30 pm

I, for some reason, never really liked reading Comic Book comics.
But Newspaper Comics? Now we're talking.
My favorites include Calvin and Hobbes, FoxTrot (Nice Star Wars comic today, by the way), Pearls Before Swine, and, somewhere down the line, Doonesbury.
As for Webcomics, I always like reading XKCD and Penny Arcade.
Also, there's a new webcomic I found, called "College or Bust!". Yes, it's new, and still trying to find its feet (and a fanbase) but I like reading it.
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Re: anyone read comics anymore?

Postby Isaac5 » Mon Nov 01, 2010 6:41 pm

that site is full of them.
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Re: anyone read comics anymore?

Postby AlternativeRadio » Tue Nov 02, 2010 7:11 pm

If you're into Batman at all, Grant Morrison is the way to go. He just finished up a 16 issue run on a relaunched Batman and Robin series, which was great, along with a run on the regular Batman series as well. If you're into that, I recommend picking up a few of those titles. If you haven't read it already, the absolute edition of Morrison's All Star Superman just came out, and that is also fantastic. It's kind of a throw back to the silver age of DC comics, without feeling dated. All of the recent Spider-Man arcs have been quality, but I couldn't really recommend a good jumping on point, the past year or two have produced so many good stories. Ultimate Comics Spider-Man is also a good title, its like a teenage soap opera, but very well written and has some great action parts to it. Secret Avengers are great, I haven't really had a chance to check out the normal Avengers, but they just revamped the line pretty much, bringing back all the typical Marvel Heavy Hitters onto one team. If you want something just crazy, Ultimate Comics Avengers are good, but it may be a bit confusing. Other titles you may want to check out are Green Lantern, Hulk, and the Batman Beyond mini-series currently going on. Justice League: Generation Lost would be a good story to get digitally, but I don't really know what else is good that is on sale digitally.

Hope I can help.
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Re: anyone read comics anymore?

Postby Kha-khees » Sat Nov 06, 2010 4:42 pm

Hellboy, it's spin-offs.

Recently picked out 2 graphic novel adaptations of sherlock holmes stories, they're effing brilliant. 2 more are in the works, too. I'm having them specially ordered by my local bookshop.


I'm looking forward to next year, I'm going to university and my campus is very close to an excellently stocked comic store. They're very rare in australia.
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Re: anyone read comics anymore?

Postby Diaaabo » Tue Nov 09, 2010 8:06 am

I don't like most of the american comics, aside from Calvin&Hobbes and Star Wars comics. My real passion lies with Tintin, Spirou, Asterix, Gaston... mostly francophone comics. As a kid, I also loved Disney. No manga for me either.
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Re: anyone read comics anymore?

Postby Veers » Mon Dec 20, 2010 9:12 pm

Sorry for a bit of threadromancy here, but I have some recommendations.

First of all, I second Robzula's Dr. McNinja and Order of the Stick recommendations. They're great comics, and are quite a bit of fun.
As for printed comics, I recommend the Scott Pilgrim series, just about anything with Deadpool (Although the ones written by Daniel Way and Paco Medina are my favorites), Calvin and Hobbes for sure, and Transmetropolitan.

Also, has anyone read any of the Judge Dredd comics? I'm interested in the character, and I want to know if anyone recommends it.
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Re: anyone read comics anymore?

Postby Inzane » Tue Dec 21, 2010 8:38 am


IDW Comics picked up the franchise 2 years ago. They have several titles on the go, the main ones revolving around a rebooted universe, which have been surprisingly good for the most part. And for those of us old-timers, Larry Hama (original author) has carried forward the original series from issue 156 onwards, picking up where the old Marvel series left off.
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Re: anyone read comics anymore?

Postby Robzula » Fri Dec 31, 2010 5:18 am

My buddy and I were swapping webcomics the other day and he got me hooked on a few more.

Memoria is a relatively young comic with only 99 pages so far, but shows some great promised, especially if you like the Mother\Earthbound series of games (specifically Mother 3). It takes place after the events of Mother 3 and might have some spoilers, so if you have any interest in that game (by the way, play that game) do so before reading, but it doesn't seem as if you'll need to have played or know about the game to enjoy the comic.

TwoKinds is about a... lot of stuff. It has a really interesting and fairly complex story that's presented in about the clearest way it can be and is fleshed out by an incredibly well written cast of characters. Unfortunately, the author is only able to update once a week at best and it's pretty hard to wait for updates, but when they come it's like Christmas. It gets fairly sexual at times but is never explicit or NSFW.

Here's a list of one-off comic strips that I also like to have to round out my days:
VG Cats: Video game and cat humor. Updates "Mondays," though recently it's been monthly at best.
The System: Work humor. All art uses various symbols from signs. Updates at least weekly.
Brawl in the Family: Videogame humor, mostly Nintendo. Updates Tuesday and Thursday (I think).
XKCD: Geek humor, mostly about math, science, or coding. Can get NSFW. MWF updates
Cyanide and Happiness: Adult and off-the-wall humor. It's almost always NSFW. Daily updates.
Gunshow comic: "Child-Trapped-in-an-Adult's-body" humor. It gets pretty weird and hilarious (and NSFW). Updates are on hiatus.
Dueling Analogs: Gaming humor. Can get somewhat NSFW, but normally keeps it more or less clean. Updates at least once a week.
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Re: anyone read comics anymore?

Postby Wash » Thu Jan 06, 2011 3:45 pm

Hmm... If you haven't read Scott Pilgrim yet I would definatly recommend that it's a great series, hilarious. Also firefly/serenity those left behind, even though it's older I still think it's worth mentioning. Umbrella academy is a fun read too.
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