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Rules for Ask LEGO

A Member of LEGO Company's staff drops in here from time to time to answer questions from LEGO fans like you.

Rules for Ask LEGO

Postby Solo » Mon Feb 02, 2009 11:18 am

Steve Witt is the Community Relations Coordinator for LEGO and has been kind enough to stop by our forum in the past to answer whatever questions of yours that he can. As long as everyone can stick to these simple rules, hopefully we can continue the tradition.

- Ask about future releases. This is a rule that everyone should know by now. LEGO and its employees cannot talk about future releases for any of their products.
- Ask about rumors or leaks. Sort of the same rule as above, LEGO and its employees cannot comment on the validity or existence of rumored or leaked sets.
- Post product suggestions. Steve is not allowed to accept any product suggestions for legal reasons. Even by private message.
- Whine. If you have something to say, put it up in a polite manner. Don't keep posting the same complaints with slightly different wording (example... why doesn't LEGO do such and such in my country! we have so many people that buy LEGO!) If you want to vent your frustrations do it in a different sub-forum.

- Make suggestions in a constructive manner. Saying, "This is TEH suxx0rz! Make it better" won't do you any good and it just wastes everyone's time.
- Be nice to Steve. He is doing us a favor and is in no way obligated to continue if he all he gets is harassment and questions that break the Don't rules outlined above.
- Be patient. Steve is only one man and he'll do what he can to address your questions when he has time to spare. Sometimes it will take him a while to get the answer from within the company. Also, we have a lot of knowledgeable veterans on the board, so don't be surprised if you get an answer from someone other than Steve. Questions tend to repeat over time, so it's rare that something will come up that no one will know anything about.

If everyone can keep these rules in mind, then everyone can have fun and learn a thing or two. We think it's great that Steve has volunteered to do this, and would hate for Ask LEGO to fizzle away into nothingness.

Please remember, the Ask LEGO section, much like the BCS, is a privilege we extend to members on the forum. If you abuse it, we will revoke the privilege. And by that we mean you won't even get to see the place anymore...
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Re: Rules for Ask LEGO

Postby dWhisper » Mon Feb 23, 2009 10:05 pm

Please note, a couple of additions have been made to the Ask LEGO rules.
If the above post didn't offend you, you're probably reading it wrong.
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