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Cars 2 Trailer

Talk about your favorite developments in licensed themes from popular lines like Indiana Jones, Batman, Spongebob, Harry Potter, etc.

Cars 2 Trailer

Postby Staff » Tue Nov 16, 2010 11:21 am

Disney/Pixar posted two new trailers for Cars 2, one domestic and one international, embedded below. The movie is scheduled for release on June 24, 2011.

I kinda wish/hope for a UCS Lightning McQueen set. Maybe next year.

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Re: Cars 2 Trailer

Postby KarolRabalski » Tue Nov 16, 2010 2:29 pm


I don't get why the original Cars got such lower ratings than all the other Pixar movies. Am I doubtful of this sequel? Kind of, but Pixar always amazes me, they create such wonderful movies.

And I agree, a UCS Lightning McQueen would be awesome. But, something tells me it would be crawling with stickers...
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Re: Cars 2 Trailer

Postby Faulconbridge » Tue Nov 16, 2010 3:13 pm

As the father of two boys (4 and 7), this is on our "must see" list. And I love the fact that the villains are old AMC cars. I learned to drive on '76 Pacer. :)
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Re: Cars 2 Trailer

Postby Erahtapivar » Tue Nov 16, 2010 4:01 pm

Oh, I can't wait for next year.

Am I doubtful of this sequel? Kind of, but Pixar always amazes me, they create such wonderful movies.

I agree with you. It doesn't really seem as Pixar-ish. But, when the first trailer for Up came out, I was doubting that movie as well. And then, it was nominated for Best Picture. So, I can see that Pixar will once again bring out an incredible film.

As for a licensed set, I would want a UCS Mater over a LIghtning McQueen. But that's only my opinion.
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Re: Cars 2 Trailer

Postby Dendo » Tue Nov 16, 2010 4:36 pm

Looks interesting, but it is such a 180 from the first one... Will be interesting to see how it does.
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Re: Cars 2 Trailer

Postby HoboBob1138 » Tue Nov 16, 2010 5:49 pm

I love the James Bondishness of this one. Looks pretty good so far.
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Re: Cars 2 Trailer

Postby Oky Wan Kenobi » Wed Nov 17, 2010 12:44 am

This looks great! I didn't like the first Cars as much as other PIXAR movies because it lacked action, so this seems like a huge improvement to me! Can't wait to see it! And of course, I can't wait to see what the sets for this movie will look like either! :O
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Re: Cars 2 Trailer

Postby Stormtroopertj » Tue Nov 30, 2010 6:22 pm

Ha, guns in Cars, epic... :shock:
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