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LEGO Announces 10242 MINI Cooper

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Re: LEGO Announces 10242 MINI Cooper

Postby dWhisper » Thu Jun 05, 2014 10:10 pm

Modulars have stayed very consistent over the cycle, though I'd argue some of that in value, as their part counts are inflated by a lot of 1x1 tiles, plates, and studs. It also doesn't really account to the perceived value of the set, or the minifigure mix.

10182 Cafe Corner 2056 $139.99 0.068
10185 Green Grocer 2352 $149.99 0.064
10190 Market Street 1248 $89.99 0.072
10197 Fire Brigade 2231 $149.99 0.067
10211 Grand Emporium 2182 $149.99 0.069
10218 Pet Shop 2032 $149.99 0.074
10224 Town Hall 2766 $199.99 0.072
10232 Palace Cinema 2196 $149.99 0.068
10243 Parisian Restaurant 2469 $159.99 0.065

(I tried to format that, stupid phpbb wouldn't let me)
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Re: LEGO Announces 10242 MINI Cooper

Postby Gingerbeard Man » Fri Jun 06, 2014 4:03 am

that guy wrote:If you count studs front to back in the photo it's about 30-32 studs MAX. So it's a bit smaller than the camper. I think the Camper if I remember right is about 40ish studs long.

That ought to make them roughly the same scale. A real-life VW T1 van is around 4.2 metres long, a Mini Cooper 3.1 metres. But looking at pictures of both sets I can't help feeling that the Camper will be "too small" next to the Mini.

So far I've had no interest in the VW Camper Van, but assuming I do get the Mini then the pair could give off a nice countryside camping / picnic vibe... As my local toy store has a Camper box gathering dust and dents in the corner I might be able to get it at a discount someday.
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