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007 Aston Martin DB5

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007 Aston Martin DB5

Postby Marty » Thu Jul 19, 2018 12:03 am

Hi, I't been a while, just thought I'd like to thank Ace for doing the review of the 007 set.
Heaps of photos, more than usual and a very detailed review, not sure if I'd purchase it though.

While the set has plenty of moving parts and gadgets galore the let down for me is the look of the front, it does not match or come even close to the DB5 and "Yes" I actually had a chance to see one up close while in Melbourne in 88.

What did interest me was how Lego solved some of the problems in putting the gadgets into play, like the number plate rotating & ejector seat who wouldn't want one of those, perhaps there's hope some car company will pick this up as the next added extras?

Now a few months ago when I heard that Lego was doing a James Bond Theme, I'd high hopes, seriously this has more villains & characters than most, not to mention cars, planes an rockets into the bargain!

I wanted a mini figure theme base on this, and I thought that the car was a technic version as a teaser, was I wrong.

I hope this is not the end of the theme but a beginning, I'd love to see some of these and I'm pretty sure that the interest is there, as with the model it will I guess not be everyones answer to the 007 car, but it is as close as Lego could make it.

So good effort.

Thanks again Ace for a very in-depth review and for the photos.

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