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2014 Lego Star Wars Rumour List

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2014 Lego Star Wars Rumour List

Postby Brickweiser » Tue Aug 13, 2013 11:47 am

Courtesy of Eurobricks user Darth Tater:

Battle Packs:

75034 Death Star Troopers - 2 x Imperial Gunners / 2 x Royal Guards
75035 Kashyyyk Troopers - 2 x Kashyyyk Clone Troopers / 2 x Kashyyyk Elites
75036 Utapau Troopers
75037 Battle on Saleucami

The new "recruitment" line:

75028 Clone Turbo Tank - Standard Phase 3 Clone Trooper
75029 AAT - Droid Pilot
75030 Millennium Falcon - New Han Solo in Blue Legs
75031 TIE Interceptor - Tie Pilot
75032 X-Wing Fighter - X-Wing Pilot with new helmet design
75033 Imperial Star Destroyer - Imperial Crew

System Sets:

73038 Jedi Interceptor (Anakin's Yellow) - Anakin and new R2-D2
75039 V-Wing Starfighter - V-Wing Pilot and Astromech with pink head and red panels
75040 General Grievous' Wheel Bike - Obiwan and Grievous
75041 Vulture Droid - Buzz Droid, Pilot Droid & Neimoidian
75042 Droid Gunship - Kashyyyk Elite, Newly designed Chewy and others
75043 AT-AP
75044 Droid Tri-Fighter
75045 Republic AV-7 Anti-Vehicle Cannon
75046 Coruscant Police Gunship (this might be an exclusive?)
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Re: 2014 Lego Star Wars Rumour List

Postby lego the hutt » Tue Aug 13, 2013 5:42 pm

I am a little bit disappointed. I am primarily an OT set collector (like many of us are). The only one that catches my eye is the Death Star trooper battle pack.

Sure another battle pack is nice but it isn't the same as a regular set. I never did get into the planet sets. Maybe these revised, smaller scale type, versions of the planet sets will be more appealing. Not much else seems to be.

This may be the first wave that I am not interested in any of the primary star wars sets. (this past wave I was only interested in the sail barge).

That's ok. I can justify it to myself because the LotR waves have been so fantastic lately. I feel like those sets have been much more desirable than the star wars sets the last couple of waves.

Though I do expect there to be a set that contains the new yoda figure that wasn't included in this list that will be announced later...possibly the Yoda's Hut/Dagobah set that has been rumored for almost a year now. I guess one of the listed sets could contain a new yoda but iit doesn't seem like any of them would. The Coruscant police gunship? maybe I guess but that seems a stretch.

Also there is the fact that I am always leary of pre-release info that comes from eurobricks. There has been false information posted there multiple times in the past. I'm taking this information with a grain of salt and hoping for a couple more OT sets. ;)
lego the hutt
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Re: 2014 Lego Star Wars Rumour List

Postby TheAssembler » Wed Aug 14, 2013 10:41 am

These sets sound great! Looks like Lego still decided to keep the Revenge of the Sith sets after all!
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Re: 2014 Lego Star Wars Rumour List

Postby Tyrant » Wed Aug 14, 2013 11:46 am

I agree with Lego The Hutt that the standout is (potentially) the Death Star Trooper set. Maybe we will finally have a relatively cheap way to get Death Star Troopers (and if we are really lucky and/or the planets align just right, we might finally see a Death Star Gunner). I am curious to see how the other battle packs play out. Even though I haven't been a huge fan of the prequels or the Clone Wars cartoon (though that is more because I never seem to catch it when it's on and I don't have a DVR), I do like the Clones of different groups/color schemes so hopefully we see some in the battle packs.

I'll have to wait and see on the Recruitment Line.

As far as the system sets, there are a few I will probably get. I sold my original droid gunship (assuming it's the ship I am thinking of) so I will consider getting the new one. I don't have an At-Ap or a Droid Tri Fighter so those two are on my maybe list. I will probably get the AV-7 if it looks decent.
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Re: 2014 Lego Star Wars Rumour List

Postby Mister Ed » Wed Aug 14, 2013 11:59 am

If the new wheel bike is an interesting build, I might consider it. The last one was kind of boring, even though I think it is a cool-looking vehicle in the movie.
Mister Ed
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Re: 2014 Lego Star Wars Rumour List

Postby Brickweiser » Sun Aug 18, 2013 12:18 pm

The new X-wing pilot appears to have Theron Nett's helmet design.
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Re: 2014 Lego Star Wars Rumour List

Postby bobalego » Sun Aug 18, 2013 4:50 pm

Very happy with this actually as I can not keep up (or my wallet can't,) with all the LEGO sets. In other words there are very few on this list that I am even remotely interested in that I can focus the coming year on the Simpsons and catching up on the Hobbit/LOTR...
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Re: 2014 Lego Star Wars Rumour List

Postby Flynn » Wed Aug 21, 2013 12:08 am

Pics have cropped up on Flickr:

- watermarked images removed -

Recruitment sets look adorable.
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Re: 2014 Lego Star Wars Rumour List

Postby banthafodder » Wed Aug 21, 2013 2:15 pm

When I first saw the list I was not real impressed but I'm really liking those chibi craft. I'm also intrigued with the new missile launcher. Are the days of flick fire numbered? Here's hoping XD
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Re: 2014 Lego Star Wars Rumour List

Postby Gingerbeard Man » Fri Aug 23, 2013 3:38 am

banthafodder wrote:Are the days of flick fire numbered? Here's hoping XD

My thoughts exactly. Unfortunately flick fires are clearly visible with the Wheel Bike, the battle packs and the microfighters. Basically all the sets that do not have the "NEW SPRING-LOADED SHOOTER!" logo come with flick fire. :roll:

For some reason those microfighter/"recruitment"/chibi vehicles have got me thinking of pedal cars. How cool it would have been as a little kid to trundle around in your very own star destroyer...
Gingerbeard Man
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