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When I Look Back..

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When I Look Back..

Postby Deniz1313 » Sat Jun 15, 2013 12:58 pm

For the Star Wars sets; when I look back to years about '99-'07, I really miss those years and I have a strange nostalgic-sad feeling about those years because those years won't come back again.. What I am talking about is: Don't you guys miss seeing the movies (Ep. I - 1999, Ep. II - 2002, Ep. III - 2005) in the cinema in the mall and just walk towards the lego store and enter inside, buy the new episodes' sets (of course we had Ep. IV-V-VI sets every year) with excitement and happiness, the prices were way too lower than present (For your info; even though I don't live in USA, the prices were way too lower) and the sets were way too nicer than present in my opinion. When I think about Clone Wars sets (2008 - I don't like CW but maybe you guys do so please don't get angry :) ), the nostalgic feeling just walks away-and one of the reasons are 2008 just 5 years from now- OMG it has been 5 years. Now when you try to buy the sets from the "Golden Age", you see that there are sets which are repriced even like x12 times more expensive than the retail price. Maybe I couldn't express myself correctly but I believe you guys understand what I mean, the years pass EXTREMELY FAST :) Basicly, I miss those years sooo much :) Don't you!? :)
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Re: When I Look Back..

Postby buriedbybricks » Sat Jun 15, 2013 1:28 pm

Those years.

Moved this into SW.
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Re: When I Look Back..

Postby lowlead » Sun Jun 16, 2013 7:23 am

I believe I know what you mean.

For my part, I miss rounding the corner of the LEGO aisle and actually being surprised by a new set - and by surprised, I mean never having seen a hint, whisper or leaked photo before encountering it on the shelves. This would happen regularly in the very first years, as the internet hype and continuous buzz hadn't fully developed, not to mention I hadn't yet discovered it.

Now, to be genuinely surprised by something new in the store would require living in a hermetically sealed cave, sans wi-fi :D

I specifically recall discovering the second year of SW sets - the entire wave with the first 7144 Slave I - all on the shelf at WalMart. Pure joy! Now, not so much. Over these 14 years (wow!) it seems we've all developed a sort of sixth sense about what's next. Aside from building a much-anticipated new set, the speculation, discussion, and the very first leaked photos is where the fun is at. By the time new stuff actually hits the shelves, it's quite literally old news. Funny.
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