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How long will 10212 Imperial Shuttle be available?

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How long will 10212 Imperial Shuttle be available?

Postby Haderach1976 » Thu Aug 09, 2012 12:39 pm


New member and first time poster. I recently stumbled across the LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector's Line and was floored at the sheer awesomeness. I'm 37 and was obsessed with LEGOs and Star Wars (and the toy lines) during all of my childhood. I continue to be an extremely avid Star Wars fan as well, seen all of the movies a million times, absolutely adore the Clone Wars animated series on Cartoon Network and even read some of the comics (just finished Crimson Empire III)! Somehow, over the past 12 years I've managed to be completely oblivious of this line, and boy am I disappointed. There are some amazing models that I'd just love to own (X-Wing, Y-Wing, MF, Snow Speeder, the TIE fighters, Blockade Runner)!! They are terrific, man oh man the aftermarket prices are depressing! Those are a little out of my reach, to some degree, I just have a hard time paying the inflated prices, but nothing is going to stop me from getting my hands on what is on the market today! That said:

1) Any idea how long the Imperial Shuttle will remain on the market?

2) How long do these stay in production, it seems two years, can anyone confirm?

3) What is the best way to get the best deal. I've read that there are sometimes sales, and I see the VIP points on

4) Would it be in my best interest to order the Imperial Shuttle now to avoid risking it going out of production and having to turn to after market sellers?

Thanks for reading, I know it was a long winded post that didn't immediately get to the question at hand, just excited about my recent discovery (and sort of embarrassed it took so long). The one thing that makes me happy is that there are several ships I have yet to see in the UCS line. With that in mind, one can only hope to see Slave 1, TIE Bomber, A-Wing, Outrider (omg that would be amazing) and one can only dream they re-release the MF - seems to be a touchy subject and likely will never happen from what I've ready).


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Re: How long will 10212 Imperial Shuttle be available?

Postby Draykov » Fri Aug 10, 2012 9:08 am

Welcome aboard! Short answer: when they run out of stock which, for larger sets, takes a while. For a longer answer that addresses this and related questions,check out this thread if you haven't already.
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Re: How long will 10212 Imperial Shuttle be available?

Postby stanley » Sat Aug 11, 2012 9:06 am

Depends on a few factors like how well the model sells, and what other similar models they have out or in the pipeline.
Most models have a production lifespan of 2-3years but that can vary.
Best place to buy at the moment is
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