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[POLL] Figs vs Builds: what floats your boat?

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Re: [POLL] Figs vs Builds: what floats your boat?

Postby lordvader208 » Sat Feb 28, 2009 9:43 pm

yankeeken wrote:Like lordvader said, aside from battlepacks, I don't understand the point of buy a set just for the minifigs. The whole point of LEGO, is to build things. Personally I feel that if your buying sets just for figs, then you should probably just go buy Hasbro's Star Wars action figures instead.

And to add to yankeeken's comment: Hasbro SW action figures are also wayyyyyyyyy more detailed and realistic than Lego SW minifigs, and in some ways, more collectible because there's so many. :D And best of all, they are like $7 apiece. If you buy the Solar Sailer for $55 for 3 figs, you're paying uhh..around $18 per fig. Anyways, the spender gets to decide what to buy, so I won't force anyone to take my side here. XD
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Re: [POLL] Figs vs Builds: what floats your boat?

Postby Michael » Sun Mar 01, 2009 12:35 am

I first got into SW LEGO, when I bought those small kits with Vader / Palpatine and the Stormtrooper / Luke / Officer kits (original BP's I suppose). It was those Stormtrooper helmets that really got me hooked on SW LEGO. Though the past few years the kits themeselves have led me to buy then kits. I really like all the playability of the kits now, and the builds are detailed and good fun.

In summary its the whole package that leads me to the purchase. The range of kits are really good, the figures are cool and the design and build are interesting. I couldn't lodge a vote - as I'm sitting on the fence on this one.
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Re: [POLL] Figs vs Builds: what floats your boat?

Postby Blue Squadron » Wed Mar 04, 2009 2:59 pm

A fascinating thread - thanks, Don, for starting this one.

As a long time Lego builder, I must admit a slightly guilty secret - the minifigs are a huge draw when it comes to Star Wars Lego. I guess that's partly because, for me, they totally supplanted the Hasbro figures, something I'd completely lost interest in many, many years ago. Star Wars, especially the classic trilogy, is about the characters and I just kinda like the way they interpret characters as minifigs - and they're pure fun.

Having said that, when it comes to actually deciding to buy a set, while the mnifigs may be a draw I won't buy a hugely expensive set or one where the actual build doesn't impress me just to get a specific minifig. I'm not a "completeist" so I won't get everything that comes out just 'cos they've made it. If I buy a set it's because of some comination of it being a ship or a setting that I really liked from the movies, combined with cool minifigs and also well designed and interesting (and challenging!) to build.

Must get myself the Death Star before they sell out...! XD
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