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Star Wars movies coming in 3D in 2012!

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Re: Star Wars movies coming in 3D in 2012!

Postby that guy » Sat Oct 09, 2010 3:42 pm

Whether you love or hate avatar it was as close to 3D perfection as I've ever seen in a general release movie. I saw it both ways and felt it was amazing visually in 3D and I HATE 3D movies. The same can be said for TS3 (it was great). The beauty of those movies in 3D was how the 3D was so subtle and NOT in your face. It drew you into the movie and once in a while you felt the POW factor of course but largely it was more of a "yeah I feel the 3D without it being taken advantage of". I especially liked the subtle effect of the ash and leaves falling all around me after they blew up the big tree in Avatar. You really felt like you could be in a fire storm but not because they threw fire in your face, but because of how graceful and eerily the stuff was falling from the sky in stark silence. But the problem with 3D as discussed here and countless other venues is that most movies in the past year or more since the big 3D push have retrofitted their 2D movies into 3D which is where you see a really crappy version of what 3D can be (and one of the big reasons I am SOOOOO against Lucas messing with his movies any more). While I still hate them and the added costs, the best 3D movies as of late are the ones that are filmed 100% with 3D cameras for the expressed intention of being a 3D film and in those cases the results are more than sufficient to enjoy 3D. The problem is that it costs a lot more for them to do that versus converting 2D shot movies into 3D. Just my 2cents and I'm sure there are plenty here that will disagree but there you go.....
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