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What Got You Started On Star Wars Lego?

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Re: What Got You Started On Star Wars Lego?

Postby starwarsman222 » Wed Feb 11, 2009 2:19 pm

My first set was the V-wing
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Re: What Got You Started On Star Wars Lego?

Postby Daz Hoo » Wed Feb 11, 2009 2:57 pm

Ever since I was a young boy, I was fascinated by the Star Wars universe. I was also a big fan of LEGO's Space theme back then, so when I learned, back in 1999, that LEGO was going to make Star Wars sets, it was a no-brainer for me : I started buying OT System sets, and when I got them all, I went for the Episode I stuff.

I've been hooked since then.
Daz Hoo
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Re: What Got You Started On Star Wars Lego?

Postby Teekay » Wed Feb 11, 2009 4:32 pm

In 2005, I got a LEGO catalog. I was taken by the Star Wars sets, and asked for a lot of them for my birthday. Before then, I got a couple of sets. One was the Anakin's Jedi Starfighter with Vulture Droid. The actual first SW set I got was TIE Bomber, but that was before I was in to Star Wars.

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Re: What Got You Started On Star Wars Lego?

Postby lordvader208 » Wed Feb 11, 2009 4:39 pm

Way back in 1999, when I was 7, I went over to TRU to buy a Lego set. I glanced over at this really attactive yellow space fighter...called the Naboo Fighter...and ended up walking out of the store with it. At that time, i didn't even know what star wars was back then and the Naboo FIghter got me all into Star Wars and Star Wars Legos. Since then, I've always been a fan and have purchased around 30 other sets, the latest one being the V-19 torrent.
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Re: What Got You Started On Star Wars Lego?

Postby Super33 » Wed Feb 11, 2009 5:54 pm

I've always been into model building, especially things like RC cars. I can't really get into building RC airplanes or boats, I'm more into the technical type building. I played ALOT with legos as a kid but it phased away as I grew older. Now I'm 31 with a 5 year old boy. The boy is taking to legos like his life depends on it and he refuses to play with anything else. I've been doing alot of building with him and doing so brought back alot of fond childhood memories. After discovering some Star Wars UCS sets I couldn't resist. I only have 4 sets as of now but I have room for plenty more.
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Re: What Got You Started On Star Wars Lego?

Postby FrankMan » Wed Feb 11, 2009 6:39 pm

Initially, it all started back when I was 10 years old in the summer of 1983 when I was in summer camp. Our first Friday field trip was to see ROTJ. After that, I became obsessed with the Star Wars Universe.

My family didn't have a lot of money so I didn't have the pleasure of many named brand toys. I did get a Lego set. I can't even remember what it was. All I know is that it was red bucket. I grew up playing sports but never forgot about Lego.

I eventually graduated high school, enlisted in the military, finished college and then in 1996 I found a great job and received a great Christmas bonus my first year. Finally being able to fulfill a fascination that my parents could never give me, as well as my obsession with space, I spoiled myself and bought the whole Exploriens collection on Black Friday. (Coincidently, I have never gone shopping on a Black Friday again.) Eventually I got the UFO collection and a few more sets here and there.

In 1999 I heard about Lego releasing Star Wars sets. Of course I went nuts. I went out and purchased my first sets. The X-wing set (7140) as well as the Tie fighter & Y wing (7150). The rest is history. Now I'm an avid collector of SWL.
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Re: What Got You Started On Star Wars Lego?

Postby MasterJediSpring » Thu Feb 12, 2009 12:08 am

Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter from AOTC. It had been 9 years since I had built anything related to Lego and that's what got me back.
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Re: What Got You Started On Star Wars Lego?

Postby yankeeken » Thu Feb 12, 2009 1:09 am

I first got interested in LEGO in the early 1990's mainly with the Pirates and Town themes. Then I got hooked on the Western theme, when it came in the mid 1990's. Then in 1999, I saw the Star Wars sets in the LEGO catalog and then went crazy, buying basically all the sets from that year, aside from the Podracers and the Gungan Sub . :)
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Re: What Got You Started On Star Wars Lego?

Postby tauntaunwampa » Thu Feb 12, 2009 2:40 am

I liked lego, I liked Star Wars. throw in a bit of shopping......Now I like Star Wars lego
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Re: What Got You Started On Star Wars Lego?

Postby Jhulae » Thu Feb 12, 2009 4:16 am

I found the original brown Droid Starfighter at a Kay-Bee toystore place for like 5 dollars each, and the first Slave 1. I bought 3 droid starfighters and the slave 1 and that was the start.
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Re: What Got You Started On Star Wars Lego?

Postby Jettbacca » Thu Feb 12, 2009 4:29 am

Well I had loved LEGO since a young age and saw Episode 4 at age 6 and that's when I started getting sets. :)
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Re: What Got You Started On Star Wars Lego?

Postby CoR3Bu » Thu Feb 12, 2009 2:18 pm

I got started on Star Wars Legos when I was 4. I wrecked my brothers old Podrace
set and threw his Millennium Falcon down the stairs, quite a start,huh?
From then on I've like Star Wars Legos... so much that a few days later I
tryed building his old MTT! :)

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Re: What Got You Started On Star Wars Lego?

Postby xadrian » Thu Feb 12, 2009 3:09 pm

I have to move my walker out of the way whilst I type this...gimme a minute.

Okay. Well, for Lego, I would get classic space sets for birthday and Christmas. By the time I was old enough, I'd ride my bike with a pocket full of allowance money to the mall to buy Futron and Blacktron sets. My only other vice was Star Wars and I still remember opening the old Kenner toys; an AT-AT, the Falcon, X-Wing, TIE Fighter, me and brother had them all. I'm more a Star Wars geek than Lego geek, truth be told.

Fast foward many years, I'd been keeping all my space sets (UFO, M-Tron, Ice Planet) with me wherever I moved. I was a news reader at a day trading firm. I would scan a news terminal for headlines and broadcast to several national offices. One headline caught my eye, "Lucasfilm Entertainment enters into license talks with The Lego Group." I don't remember the next couple hours, but I do know when I told my wife she (jokingly) said she wanted a divorce.

I bought everything I could when it first came out, but stopped when they started remaking gunships. I don't have much of anything past the first push of Episode II sets. I would like to buy more, but I also would like to eat and pay my rent and buy my kids shoes, so now I just build with what I have.

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Re: What Got You Started On Star Wars Lego?

Postby darthvader » Thu Feb 12, 2009 7:14 pm

After i saw Anakins jedi star fighter with vulture droid and bought it. ever since i been hooked on lego starwars XD
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Re: What Got You Started On Star Wars Lego?

Postby Darth_Marcon » Fri Feb 13, 2009 6:38 am

Well I got started thanks to my wife. A room full later I'm sure she regrets it but I sure don't. XD It happened back in 2005 while on vacation at Disney with my wife and son. We hit MGM a couple of times and my sons favorite ride was a Star Wars simulator. And if you've been to a Disney park you know that the rides typically empty out not into the walkway but into a store. In this case is was a "Tatooine Traders" loaded with Star wars stuff. :D
To put into perspective what Star wars means to me; I'm 36. The first movie I ever saw at the theater was Star Wars. I had the figures and play sets. The prize of my collection was the Millennium Falcon. One thing I regretted was selling it off as later on in life I thought it would have made a nice decoration in my home office. As a kid Lego was probably my favorite all time toy. In fact my son inherited my old stuff (Mostly Space sets) as my mom kept them when I outgrew them. (Yes I know, hard to believe but I outgrew Lego at one point. Social conformity I guess.)

So... back to the Tatooine Traders. Lo and behold there is a Falcon made of Lego! :O I felt my childhood returning and just stared at the box for about ten minutes :shock: before my wife finally (and painfully) pointed out. "Check out the price!" Dream dashed. :'( I put the box down and wandered through the store. Being my sons favorite ride we ended up going through the store about 8-10 times in a few days. After about the sixth or seventh time of me stopping and staring, my wife finally just told me to pick it up. She was buying it for me. :D (Which considering we have a joint account really just means she approves of me spending "our" money)

So the Falcon (4504) was my first set. A few weeks later I spotted a Tie Fighter at some store. "That would look nice on the shelf next to the Falcon......" And since then I've bought everything that has hit the stores, only breaking down and ordering online once. (The UCS Falcon of course. Had that beauty preordered the first week it was online) and I'm about to start hunting down sets I missed out on cause I didn't start early enough. I'm a completist so I "need" them all, although I've convinced myself (partially) that I can live without the ones which I have newer versions of. (I could see myself getting some of those anyway ;) )

Some friends think I'm nuts most think the collection is cool.
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Re: What Got You Started On Star Wars Lego?

Postby lens314 » Fri Feb 13, 2009 9:54 am

I was allready into LEGO's, and Star Wars before the LEGO Star Wars liscence. When that happened, I was giddy with joy!
After the Star War LEGOs came out, I limited my LEGO collecting to SW and Trains. Before SW, I had a huge collection(at the time) and was mostly dabbling in LDraw and POVRAY LEGO stuff.
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Re: What Got You Started On Star Wars Lego?

Postby enigmabadger » Fri Feb 13, 2009 11:01 am

I've been a LEGO fan for as long as I can remember and the same holds true for SW. What's interesting is that while my love of one has cooled considerably over the years, my enjoyment of the other has exponentially increased!

I can remember rumors of new SW prequel films starting around 1996 when the new "Special Edition" versions of the OT were being developed. While I didn't (and still don't) care for the '97 versions of SW, there was something magical about seeing those films in a theater, and the thought of brand, new SW movies was almost too much to contemplate.

Fast forward over a few more years of anticipation, and it's 1999. "Phantom Menace" sounded like a funny title, but darn it, this was Star Wars! My brother and I hit the local TRU the day the new prequel toys were to hit (he was a big SW action figure collector back in the day), and turning to face the giant SW display, I locked eyes on the SW LEGO sets. Considering I, like many more mature AFOLs, had been scraping together SW MOCs for years, actually seeing official TLG SW sets with accessories (Lightsabers! Accurate minifigs! Vader!), it was almost too much to believe. I picked up a Landspeeder, Lightsaber Duel, and Naboo Swamp sets, and after getting home and building them, felt more excited about building than I had in years. I had hit a relative dark age at that point, but the thought of SW LEGO brought me right back.

Skipping over the monumental disappointment of the actual prequel films, the TLG SW sets continue to be something I look forward to. I tend to stick to the smaller or medium sized sets as I'm more of a minifig collector and builder, and while not every LEGO SW-related excites me as much, it's been a great line for set design, figs, and general parts, and I'm glad to see it be so good for TLG.

What's even better: 10 years in, and we're still getting goodness! Taun Tauns and Mon Calamari are right around the corner, and TLG clearly has fun plans for the future. Keep it up, LEGO, and I'll keep buying!
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Re: What Got You Started On Star Wars Lego?

Postby bigkid24 » Fri Feb 13, 2009 4:34 pm

From reading everyone else's responses I'm starting to feel like an old timer. I think the late 90s is when I was at the height of my Star Wars collecting. Even though I didn't actively collect Lego I always was a fan so seeing Lego get the license made me very happy. I finally grabbed 7140 X-wing when it first came out after hunting for it forever. Then I got the original snowspeeder and at one point or another I've owned almost every SW Lego set aside from the UCS stuff.
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Re: What Got You Started On Star Wars Lego?

Postby EwokWarrior » Fri Feb 13, 2009 7:10 pm

I was saw Episode 1 in 1999 and got addicted to Star Wars, and then later I got my first set, which was that one set with Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, a droideka and that door they stabbed. I prefer building with instructions, but I enjoy making minifigs.
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Re: What Got You Started On Star Wars Lego?

Postby Darth Greeble » Fri Feb 13, 2009 8:03 pm

I actually started with the Lego Star Wars PS2 game. After playing it, I thought it might be fun to build one of the smaller sets. So, I got the TIE Interceptor. That's what started it all. I've managed to pick up almost every set since then, but I deeply regret missing out on the ARC-170 and the Clone Turbo Tank. Now I have 50+ sets, all currently on display.
Darth Greeble
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