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Guidelines for Signatures and Embedded Images

Please be sure to read the Code of Conduct & FAQs, and understand that you need to follow them.

Guidelines for Signatures and Embedded Images

Postby Solo » Mon Feb 02, 2009 12:41 pm

- Signatures are the blocks of text placed below each users post if they have this feature enabled.
Signatures must be no larger than 4 lines of unformatted text, including any images and links, and it must not stretch the browser window horizontally. A blank line is still considered a line of text. If a user wishes to add an image to the signature, it must be no more wider than 270 pixels and no taller than 80 pixels and can only have two additional lines of text. The image file size should be less than 50kb and it cannot be animated. Signatures are limited to 255 characters, including all formatting tags and urls.

The content of the signature must fully comply with the Code of Conduct, and any signatures violating these guidelines will be edited or removed by the staff. Repeated violations of the guidelines may result in account suspension and having the user's signature feature permanently disabled.

Embedding Images in Posts:
- Embedding an image simply means adding a picture to your post so others can see it while viewing a thread.
Images are an important part of a forum like this because we're here to share. Try to remember that not everyone has a broadband connection or a high resolution screen though, so you should keep this in mind while posting pictures. Don't go overboard with how many pictures you post, and make sure you're sharing only your top shots for best results.
"How do I embed an image?" you ask? It's very simple:
  • First, upload it to a hosting site like Brickshelf or Flickr, or anywhere that allows deeplinking.
  • Then, copy the url of the image itself, which will begin with http:// and end with .jpg .png or .gif
    ( - no other filetypes will work for embedding images here, and especially not .html pages )
  • Last, paste that url between the [img][/img] tags in your post.
It's that easy!
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