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Code of Conduct

Please be sure to read the Code of Conduct & FAQs, and understand that you need to follow them.

Code of Conduct

Postby Solo » Sun Jan 25, 2009 4:12 am

Code of Conduct for all members of the FBTB Forum and commenters on news posts.

The From Bricks to Bothans community is a diverse group of people sharing a common interest. The Code of Conduct outlines this basic concept: Respect others, respect the community, and have fun. If you can stick to that you should do just fine, but to make things clear we've elaborated on the key issues:

    1. No inappropriate language or content.
      FBTB is a family friendly site. There are a lot of young members and despite your personal opinions on the subject profanity is not allowed. We have word filters in the forum to help address this, and circumventing these will result in severe punishment. Likewise, sexually explicit or offensive images are prohibited, as are posts advocating illegal activities. If it's NSFW, it doesn't belong here.
    2. Keep all private information private.
      Members are never to post personal or confidential information about any other person, and are encouraged to exercise good judgment about revealing their own.
    3. No advertising.
      FBTB is not your billboard. You may include a link to your personal website, Bricklink store, auctions, etc. in your signature - but dedicated threads and thinly veiled advertisements are not allowed, even for third parties. Please contact the staff using the fbtb contact form for approval if you have a product or event you would like to share with the members before posting.
    4. No trolling.
      Any sort of disruptive behavior is grounds for suspension. This includes (but is not limited to) harassing other members, making inflammatory or offensive posts, linking to malicious content, spamming, excessive topic derailment, and intentionally illegible posting by means of formatting abuse, 1337, SMS, chat speak - or a general disregard for the English language. We have a lot of members that are not native English speakers, so clear spelling and grammar is important.
    5. One account per person.
      Creating multiple accounts, for any reason, is grounds for an immediate ban. If you have any problems logging into your account, contact the staff.
    All of this applies to any websites that are linked to and the private message system as well.

Members are responsible for the content of their posts, and while the staff works diligently to keep the community safe and clean we can't guarantee that we will catch every before you see it. If you find something that violates any part of these rules, the proper course of action is to tell the staff immediately. Do not respond or try to enforce these rules yourself. That's what the we are here for, and it's why we have so many extra buttons. Helpful tips are welcome and encouraged, but acting as a surrogate moderator is will be considered disruptive.

The staff reserves the right to modify or remove any content they deem unsuitable; including posts, avatars, signatures, and profile information. You are also required to know and follow the image guidelines for avatars, signatures, and embedding pictures in posts. All decisions are at the sole discretion of the staff based on these guidelines.

Please keep in mind that you are a guest here, and it is your responsibility to know and abide by this Code of Conduct while participating on this website.


Now, a few important features that all the old school Bothans in particular will want to know about...

    Relaxing the RtB policy:
      The time honored tradition of yelling at newbs for posting "leaked" pictures and product lists from store inventories is a thing of the past. Everything can be discussed openly in the forum, and if substantiated may even get a mainpage mention. However: blatant unverifiable rumor mongering will be ridiculed and any images marked confidential will be removed by the staff, as well as anything else if requested by LEGO.
    Expanding coverage:
      We will still be From Bricks To Bothans, but we're going to keep you up to date on all the LEGO news worth sharing from now on - not just LEGO Star Wars. This includes all other licensed lines and even interesting new original LEGO play themes.
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