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[UK] 20% off at Toys R Us this weekend

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[UK] 20% off at Toys R Us this weekend

Postby Staff » Fri Aug 03, 2012 2:29 am

Starting today and lasting until Sunday, Toys R Us in the UK has a 20% off deal for many brands, including Lego.  You can use it online (with the code TOPBRANDS20) or if you want to get the discount instore, you'll need to print off this voucher and present it with your purchase.

They don't appear to have the new Star Wars sets yet on their website, but they do have the Lord Of The Rings sets, if you're into that.  Not sure about local store set availability though as I've not been to a store in a while.

Happy Discount Hunting!
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Re: [UK] 20% off at Toys R Us this weekend

Postby bigospedros » Sun Aug 05, 2012 7:07 am

I gave my printed off voucher to some frazzled parents who had a shed load of Lego in their trolley for the kid, but weren't aware of the discount. When I got to the till they just printed off another voucher in their office for me and I still got my discount.

If only Palpatne's Arrest wasn't priced at £79'.99 otherwise I would've bought that :-( stupid TRU markup
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