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Update: LEGO Universe Pricing Announced

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Update: LEGO Universe Pricing Announced

Postby Staff » Fri May 14, 2010 9:45 am

Hot on the heels of the pre-order for LEGO Universe, the subscription rates have been announced for the game. Surprisingly, they seem to be bucking the trend of other MMO's and beating out the $15 USD average that most other games charge.

Currency 1 month 6 months 12 months
US USD 9.99 49.99 89.99
Canada CAD 12.99 64.99 119.99
Germany EUR 9.99 49.99 89.99
Switzerland CHF 16.9 79.9 149.9
Austria EUR 9.99 49.99 89.99
Denmark DKK 74.95 374.95 674.95
Swenden SEK 99.5 499.5 899.5
Norway NOK 89.5 449.5 799.5
Finland EUR 9.99 49.95 89.99
Holland EUR 9.99 49.99 89.99
Belgium EUR 9.99 49.99 89.99
UK GBP 7.49 39.99 69.99
Ireland EUR 9.99 49.99 89.99
France EUR 9.99 49.99 89.99
Spain EUR 9.99 49.99 89.99
Portugal EUR 9.99 49.99 89.99
Italy EUR 9.99 49.99 89.99
Hungary HUF 2890 14450 25999
Poland PLN 39.95 199.95 359.95
Czech CZK 249 1249 2249

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Re: Update: LEGO Universe Pricing Announced

Postby KarolRabalski » Fri May 14, 2010 1:28 pm

I'm from Canada so I'm just gonna reference our price.

I guess it's all right pricing considering it's for children. I used to play World of Warcraft, and I guess 12.99$ is better. Some of my friends told me World of Warcraft was overpriced, but if you think about it, the amount of things that you were exposed to in the game is...unimaginable. It truly is an amazing game, for it's world. But I barely played the LEGO Universe Beta because I thought it wasn't that great. It was kinda hard to figure out where you were going for quests and stuff. I think they should fix it, like...doing quests in World of Warcraft I thought were easier haha, and this game is for kids. Also, it seemed like I could beat the game and all it's quests in a few weeks then forget about it. :( But then again, it is intended for kids. I think it's better they play this than RuneScape or another MMORPG.

But whatever, that's just my opinion. I hope kids will enjoy this game. :)
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