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LEGO [email protected]/Retail Stores - Free Golden fig w/ $75 Purch.

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Re: LEGO [email protected]/Retail Stores - Free Golden fig w/ $75 Purch.

Postby Gingerbeard Man » Mon Jul 06, 2009 12:01 pm

The hands are clean as a whistle, not a drop of gold on them and the coating on the arms goes all the way round the hand-hole. So I'm fairly sure the hands were added after the chroming.

Interesting theory about recycled minifigs, but the inside of the legs is also plain tan as is the small section under the arms that bigospedros noticed. I can't comment about the face (and I'm unwilling to gather empircal evidence) but it looks as if the whole minifig under the chrome might be tan, which I think suggests that LEGO did make a special batch of "blank" minifigs.

(I wonder how safe it is to chrome over printed parts. Could there be any danger of it flaking off in those areas due to not bonding properly with the print?)
Gingerbeard Man
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Re: LEGO [email protected]/Retail Stores - Free Golden fig w/ $75 Purch.

Postby etcknight » Mon Jul 06, 2009 1:31 pm

Seriously, I cannot believe how much people are complaining about this "F-R-E-E" chrome minifig we are getting.

It's a chrome mini-fig for goodness sake! *shiny* Even if the hands weren't chromed!

Yes, I wish it was completely chromed like Darth Vader or C3PO, but still . . . for a free give-away, I think this is pretty freakn' awesome. If you don't want yours or are dissatisfied, you can happily mail it to me, and I'll pay for shipping and the estimated $4.99 value.

Your chrome mini-fig keychain will find a happy home with me. :cool:

I just hope all these chrome items means Lego will be producing a fully-chromed set sometime soon!!!

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