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Postby copyright » Wed Feb 11, 2009 11:03 am

Hi all!

If you have a find, aka: you know of a great deal, that you'd like to share, please share it here.

Create a new topic, and give it a fancy name that has this following info:

  • The country you live in, in brackets.
  • The store
  • The deal
  • The duration of the deal

Here is an example:

[USA] Target $60 6211 Imperial Star Destroyer Nov 24th only.

Then post some details in your post. If you think it is a deal worth making the front-page, please PM me as well.

If you happen to notice a deal before anyone else and you are unable to post in this forum (you are under 18, aren't yet approved), then we'd be glad to post it for you. Please PM me.

Some "finds" are store-specific and once in a lifetime. For instance, if you find a $2 millennium falcon at a garage sale or thrift store, or if you find a mismarked Republic Gunship at WalMart for $10, or if you find a 75% off Indy Temple of the Crystal Skull at Walmar. These deals are fun to share, but may not need a new post. I you want to brag (and I don't blame you, I would) that's fine, but do a quick search before you post to see if a thrift shop/garage sale thread or super awesome clearance deals thread already exists. Keep in mind that posting these deals really don't benefit the community like a true-blue find would.

During major clearance seasons, when deals vary from store to store, the B/S/T forum mods will help keep things organized by starting catch all threads for those specific finds under the umbrella of "post-holiday clearances" or "summer blowout clearances".

The idea is to keep the finds part of the forum in check so the buy sell trade part isn't choked out. The primary goal of this sub forum is to ensure a useful trading environment for our users, and lets keep it that way. :D
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