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LEGO Brick Friday Deals, The Joker Manor Available, New City Saturday, Taj Mahal Monday

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LEGO Brick Friday Deals, The Joker Manor Available, New City Saturday, Taj Mahal Monday

Postby Staff » Thu Nov 23, 2017 11:59 pm

Brick Friday deals are live! You can also get some new stuff today. But before we get to the products, here's all the promotions that's happening all weekend long.

  • Free shipping with NO minimum.

  • A free Nutcracker set with $99 purchase or more.

  • A free LEGO tote bag with $199 purchase or more.

  • "Sales on select items while supplies last!"

You can check out the Brick Friday sales page for all the stuff. Sale discounts hover around 20% off with some even ranging a bit higher. Some notable items:

  • All non-Star Wars BrickHeadz are 20% off for $7.99 each. Finn and Phasma are still full price.

  • Some Star Wars sets at 30% off. That UCS Hoth piece of crap set is also 30% off, but still not worth getting.

  • 71006 Simpsons House and 71016 Kwik-E-Mart  are  20% off, for $159.99 each.

  • 10232 Palace Cinema is 20% off, at $119.99.

  • If you're a minifig collector, the The LEGO Batman Movie Minifigure Display Case is 20% off at $23.99. This is version 2 of the display case with an improved window and transparent back. It is in basic black. These cases are expensive even with the discount, but they display oh so nicely, especially if you use all black cases.

All offers are valid from November 24 through 11:59pm EST (8:59 PST) November 27, 2017. The freebies are good while supplies last.

70922 The Joker Manor Friday

Today is also the first day that you can get 70922 The Joker Manor. This 3,444 piece set will run you $269.99. You'll also get, for free, the Disco and Clown Batman minifigure polybag set. It should be familiar since they offered it as a GWP earlier this year. That one's only available if you buy The Joker Manor.

Disco Batman, Tears of Batman

If you're good at math, you should have figured out that by buying 70922 The Joker Manor, you'll get the Nutcracker set, Tote Bag, Disco and Tears of Batman polybag, and free shipping all in one fell swoop.

New City Saturday

Ran across this when I was looking up sets for some other posts, but apparently new CITY sets will be available Saturday November 25th. Nine sets in total, and you can see all of them here on LEGO Shop@Home's CITY theme filtered for "New" items:

I say apparently, because I am writing this post on Wednesday and scheduling it for Saturday, November 25th. I'll try and remember to check on Saturday, but being Turkey weekend and all, I'll probably still be recovering from stuffing myself silly.

Not sure I remember any other theme in previous years getting a release on Thanksgiving weekend other than the preview sets for DC Super Hero Girls last year. Was that last year? I can't remember anymore... There could be more themes with new stuff coming out today (Saturday) that I just haven't seen yet. It might be worth looking around the site.

10256 Taj Majal Monday

10256 Taj Mahal_Box3_v39On Monday November 27th, you can purchase this resurrected release: 10256 Taj Mahal. This 5,923 piece set will cost you $369.99. This is an exact replica of the original release save for the box design, 1 axle color, and probably the addition of a brick separator.
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Re: LEGO Brick Friday Deals, The Joker Manor Available, New

Postby PurpleDave » Fri Nov 24, 2017 2:20 pm

The revised display cases may be easier to access when stacked, but I prefer the single-pane window, _and_ the use of 4x6 plates makes it possible to cram up to three minifigs in each chamber, tiered so you can see each face. The newer cases only accept a 4x4 plate, which makes it hard to even fit two.

Last year it was TLBM that got preview sets (Batcave, Batmobile, Lowrider, Clayface, and Mr. Freeze), but I think it wasn't until December that you could actually buy them from LEGO Brand Retail. I remember having to ask for DCPI numbers at Target stores to get some of the minifigs for a charity display Thanksgiving week. But early January sets is a sign of good sales, since they only started doing it officially back in 2014 when TLM had them running out of stock by Black Friday.

And BTW, today is Friday, not Saturday. The article makes more sense being posted today, though.
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Re: LEGO Brick Friday Deals, The Joker Manor Available, New

Postby Bellicose » Sun Nov 26, 2017 11:52 am

Hey, the UCS Hoth set sold out. Surprising!
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Re: LEGO Brick Friday Deals, The Joker Manor Available, New

Postby PurpleDave » Sun Nov 26, 2017 5:31 pm

I actually wanted that set, but TLBM has been draining my pockets all year, and there are still a couple other big purchases I want even more before they retire. I get that people hate Hoth for repeating what so many other sets have done, but if you start comparing all of the Hoth sets together there already was a fair amount of redundancy, and not a lot of uncovered territory to work with. This, however, gave us our first ion cannon and shield generator, which are two pieces that are unlikely to ever end up in any smaller sets because there's really very little play value they can build into them. Otherwise, the best I expect we can get is if they put the shield generator with a new AT-AT build, and if they put the ion cannon in a small section of Echo Base. That is, if they even do many other Hoth-based sets. They've been focusing more on the Disney Wars stuff of late, so OT releases could dwindle to maybe one or two per year. At that point, there are enough vehicles to keep cycling through without ever getting into playset territory again.
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