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LEGO Star Wars Advent Down 26%

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LEGO Star Wars Advent Down 26%

Postby Staff » Mon Nov 13, 2017 9:45 pm

The general consensus on this set seems to be rather lukewarm in its offerings. And I'm thinking the current sale price is a reflection of that sentiment. Amazon is offering 75184 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar for 26% off, just $29.42 as of this writing. I'm thinking not having a unique holiday-themed minifig has something to do with it. Throwing a Santa hat onto BB-8 just screams laziness. No unique minifigs = less incentive to buy = stock that isn't moving = sales prices. Who knows, maybe the set will see another discount before long.

If you don't feel like buying one, and I wouldn't blame you if you didn't, but still want to live vicariously through someone else and their daily disappointment, FBTB will once again spamming the front page starting December 1 until we go through all 24 models.
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Re: LEGO Star Wars Advent Down 26%

Postby PurpleDave » Tue Nov 14, 2017 1:37 pm

I decided to skip it when I realized that it was almost exclusively Disney Wars drek, most of which I couldn't even recognize without seeing a name printed next to it. What little I do recognize is either straight up Lucas era, or only slightly modified. I've bought a second copy of every SWAC just to get another copy of the exclusive minifigs for displays, but I hate the beach ball almost as much as Darth Tantrum. So, no DWAC for me this year. And hopefully they'll realize that the farther they get from Lucas' vision, the less iconic it looks. The Empire Lite snowspeeder? A floating brick. Darth Cry-Bully's shuttle? Like putting a bolt-on spoiler on a stock minivan. The new Stormies? Like someone shoved Donald Duck's head in a sneaker. Now, there is a problem with the Advent Calendars, which is they already have to be close to finalizing the 2018 sets that won't be out for another 11 months because they have to be able to display them at NYTF three months from now. So, any failure on behalf of the current one won't really hit home until it's too late to change the next one. It might not even save the 2019 calendar if they don't see sales just absolutely tank, especially if the minifig-scale stuff still performs well.
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