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UCS BB-8 Is The Most Popular Set, Says Captain Obvious

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UCS BB-8 Is The Most Popular Set, Says Captain Obvious

Postby Staff » Tue Sep 05, 2017 9:50 am

No surprise that the UCS 75187 BB-8 is the most popular set to come out of The Last Jedi sets. It's currently listed as "Temporarily Out Of Stock" and a quick call to [email protected] yields no estimated delivery date. It hit that "out of stock" status pretty darn quick. All the other sets else could still be backordered except that one. But would you really want to? Everything else is just kinda blah. Big giant grey wedge? No thank you. Ugly TIE Fighter? Pass. BB-8 was the only one worth getting on Day 1; everything else can wait for a decent sale. Plus I'd rather save my pennies for the Falcon. That being said, I did get 75188 Resistance Bomber and will post my thoughts about that soon.

If you're still looking to get a UCS BB-8, Amazon has your back. No Scarif Trooper promo since that was a [email protected] only deal, but those should be found pretty cheap elsewhere.
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Re: UCS BB-8 Is The Most Popular Set, Says Captain Obvious

Postby PurpleDave » Tue Sep 05, 2017 2:30 pm

This set makes me want to start up a game of whiffle ball...but with a sledge hammer. Or maybe a battle-axe. And instead of letting any of the other players have a turn at-bat, they can all just keep building more copies of this set.
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Re: UCS BB-8 Is The Most Popular Set, Says Captain Obvious

Postby Sharpie Clone » Wed Sep 06, 2017 5:22 pm

I've been experiencing buyers remorse. I went to a special "big toy company" SW toy launch event and they had giveaways based on amount purchased. You had to spend 1000 in local currency (about $125 USD) and buy at least 2 LEGO items to get 2 polybags and a microfighter. And at 1200 local currency, you got a bluetooth speaker in the shape of a Death Trooper helmet. And for every 500 spent, you got a raffle ticket and a chance to win one of 15 prizes.

I really wasn't prepared, so when I went in I didn't know what to get and basically got Kylo's Tie Fighter & 2-3 battle packs to put me over the 1200 mark to get 4 giveaways and 2 chances to win more. I'm not even that interested in the Tie Fighter, but it does look kinda cool.

However, after buying stuff, collecting my free giveaways and waiting for the raffle, I did some research online and realized my mistake. I should have bought BB-8. I'm not a huge BB-8 fan and it was more expensive so I didn't get it. But when I looked at the numbers, the overseas markup on the Tie Fighter was more than on the BB-8 and I think I would have only needed to buy one more set instead of 2-3 little ones to get to my goal.

Alas, 2 guys and 1 couple, legally gamed the system on the raffle and managed to win 10 of the 15 prizes, with the couple winning 5 times including the UCS MF. However, I told my friend working for the big toy company about the UCS MF a week before and asked if it would be one of the prizes. She went to LEGO and made that happen. So basically, I was a big reason some had the chance to win the UCS MF. And it was the main reason I spent 1200 on stuff I don't really need.

So if you are the Chinese couple that won 5 times and also hauled in a ton of freebies, I know it's unreasonable for you to part from your 8000 ultimate grand prize, but if you want to send me a few kickbacks, I'll take them.
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