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The LEGO Batman Movie Comes Out Tomorrow

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The LEGO Batman Movie Comes Out Tomorrow

Postby Staff » Mon Jun 12, 2017 11:47 am


Actually, it's been available digitally for a while now, but if you're still into physical media, then tomorrow's the day you should go out and pick up a copy of The LEGO Batman Movie. I've searched the major retailers and I couldn't find anything that had an exclusive minifig, which is a hugely missed opportunity if you ask me. Despite there not being an exclusive minifig, the major retailers each have something a little unique:


Best Buy, or SteelBook Central as I like to call them, has the Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy combo pack in, you guessed it, an exclusive SteelBook case.


Target is offering a Batgirl minifig and three collectible postcards. This may be a polybagged package of Batgirl, so that may be of some interest to you but from what I can tell, Batgirl herself is just regular ol' Batgirl.


Walmart is packaging a lunch box that features a removable cape. Because awesome LEGO Batman lunchboxes naturally come with capes.

And Amazon just has the regular combo pack with no extras.

And that's about it. Toys'R'Us isn't offering any deals or pack-ins or fancy packaging, but they are having that gift with purchase deal...
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Re: The LEGO Batman Movie Comes Out Tomorrow

Postby PurpleDave » Mon Jun 12, 2017 11:20 pm

Batgirl actually is unique to this promo. She finally catches up with Batman and Robin with her third head print. Batman, of course, has three head prints spread pretty evenly across most of the theme. Robin got his second in Arkham (along with new goggles) and his third in Dimensions. Batgirl got her second in Dimensions and will have her third shortly.
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