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May the 4th

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May the 4th

Postby WillyWampa » Fri May 02, 2014 12:34 pm

With May the 4th coming up this weekend and the specials being offered in Lego stores and [email protected] I was wondering if any other retailers use the date for any Star Wars related promotions. It seems that so far Lego is the only company that really promotes this. Of course with May the 4th being the central theme of last nights episode of The Big Bang Theory, maybe it'll become more well known and eventually be a statutory holiday. :)
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Re: May the 4th

Postby Farmer Harv » Fri May 02, 2014 10:03 pm

Well, with only a few mid to low price range sets on sale with only a 10% discount I hope some other retailers pick up the slack. After hearing about the great May the 4th deals from past years I'm totally underwhelmed by this "event".

At least the Sandcrawler looks cool and is available now.
Farmer Harv
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Re: May the 4th

Postby jfears2 » Fri May 02, 2014 10:45 pm

Z-95 Headhunter, Palpatine's Arrest, and Jedi Defender Class Cruiser are 30% off at TRU online and in stores, since Palpatines Arrest is retired its a decent price over there, and the other two are cheaper than the discount offered on Lego [email protected]

I got an email that had the advertisement, they are also hosting a mini build event for kids to build a mini x-wing and mini tie fighter today, May 3rd, 12pm to 2pm.
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