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Review: 9509 Star Wars Advent Calendar 2012

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Review: 9509 Star Wars Advent Calendar 2012

Postby Staff » Sat Dec 01, 2012 6:40 am

9509 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2012

It's like déjà vu, all over again. Another year, another ridiculous amount of money spent on little plastic bricks and the biggest toy sellng season is officially in full swing. When the Star Wars Advent Calendar came out last year, well, it earned a lot of hate. It seemed to linger on shelves (not here, it sold quite well and cleared out quickly) and I believe is even still available in some places at discounted prices from time to time. It was a farce! An insult to the fans and the children it was aimed at alike! It was obviously a complete and total failure on every conceivable level and a perfect message to LEGO that they were sure to hear loud and clear and never, EVER would they make the same mistake again! Well, they got the message and the answer is... The LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2012 edition! Yay!

It's back Baby, and so am I to spam your December with a micro review for each and every day. I'm so very, very sorry. Let the fun begin!

9509 Box Back
9509 Countdown To Christmas9509 Display Mat

The verdict in the end last year was buy, but it was the end of the road and if you didn't have it already you weren't heading out on Christmas eve to try and track one down on sale so you could put such a thoughtful and timely gift as an advent calendar under the tree. Switching it up, I'll suggest you buy it now. It's on for half price on LEGO [email protected], so pick it up today and you could still end up counting down the last two weeks with the rest of us.

So without futher ado...

Day 1 - Bongo (Gungan Sub)
Day 1 - Bongo (Gungan Sub)

See they're learning already. Last year they started with an osbscure vehicle that was only in a couple of scenes from the least popular of the films and this time, oh wait they did the same thing. It's a tight little model and some features are cramped while others are exaggerated, but regardless of that I'd have to say this is my favourite LEGO model of this sub. I'd have loved it if they could find a way to split the tail up (perhaps one of these, or one of these, with an elastic around the ends, in blue or bley), but I'll take it this way. I was impressed at the use of the fender piece to convey the swooped wings/fins and I can think of worse ways to start off this countdown. Who knows, it could be all uphill from here.

To be continued...

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