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Review: 9499 Gungan Sub

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Re: Review: 9499 Gungan Sub

Postby FirstCircle » Fri May 10, 2013 12:06 am

Sorry for responding to thread zombification, but I just had to after I read this.

This (believe it or not) is actually one of the sets I've been interested in, but I've waffled immensely.

Despite the stupidity of the PT, there are some great designs (vehicles and otherwise) that came out of that cinematic disasterpiece.

I kind of liked all the O.G. Ep. I sets, even though they're clunky by today's standards, and I was really hoping this set would be more "right". The attempt at curves on this is just sad. It's like a 6-year-old losing his baby teeth. Especially for the price. Yikes!

I suppose, if it was really,really cheap, I might snag one, but the price for a cool Amidala fig (I'm not perturbed by the "lack-of-flushness" torso issue, though cheap breakableness in said torso could be ground for perturbation) and lame rehashes (I think you're right on the money with your description of the Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan) make for an uninspired remake. And I actually like this ship! The 3rd rehash of the Sith Infiltrator was actually pretty good, though pricey.

I was hoping this would be the same, but that's just foolishness as 2 sets with lots of curves that wound up more right than wrong (Slave 1 versions 2 and 3 and Sith Infiltrator version 3) featured ultra-mega-bad-ass bad guys that died real quick (ergo sets that consumers would be ravenous for, so so the fundage on design would be justified by market rapacity).

Ah well, what the Hell...

By the way, I did find the Ep. I digs to be outdated (I was thinking, "I this really still a thing?", but overall the review was hilarious.


...the Gungan Sub was from a completely forgettable middle section where a Young Ed Bloom and Ra's al Ghul visit the Snorks and have to borrow a car in order to get Jar-Jar to the prom...


...let's cut to the chase and look at the figure that exemplifies George Lucas' complete misunderstanding of government and civics, our elected Queen.

Though if you know your history, there are connections betwixt democracy and royalty. For example, look at Liliʻuokalani, where the usurpation of an independent Hawaiian state is probably the inspiration for Lucas' "story".

Everyone else's griping aside, I thought it was an excellent review with high quality and useful pics.

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Re: Review: 9499 Gungan Sub

Postby dWhisper » Thu Jun 20, 2013 7:24 am

I know a bit of hawaiian history, after I spent my honeymoon there, and while the overthrow was bloody, it wasn't a shadow coup, but a legitimate coup that was orchestrated with the outside influence of the US (most certainly not the only time we've done that... see Iran, Panama, Cuba, Iraq...).

Lucas might have taken some inspiration from it as a takeover in general, but the underlying ideas of a monarchy working like a democracy and laughable, which was my comment on his lack of understanding. Sure, more than a few monarchies have been propped up by a democracy, but the crux of any monarchy is that the right and ability or rule is dictated by blood and heritage, not by popular opinion. Had he used ascended or coronation, I could have bought into the idea. But the misunderstanding was solidified in Episode II when it came up that she had a term limit on being "Queen."

There have been plenty of good remakes (I generally liked the Sith Infiltrator compared to the second version, but hated it's total lack of an underside). But as a whole, I'm just harder on the PT ships in matters of design. None of them are especially unique, they're all flashy but without substance, almost indistinguishable from other sci-fi style ships. Even if they take some unique shape, they typically are used in such typical ways as to make it no different from just throwing a bit magic sign around it and ignoring the ship.

The OT design took queues from other contemporary ships, not from other sci-fi of the era, which is why it stood out. The simple reality of science-fiction and fantasy is that it always reflects the current era, not some fanciful setting. The designs of the X-Wing were influenced by Korean and Vietnam war era jets like the F-104 Starfighter, F-84 Thunderjet, F-94 Starfire, or the Delta rockets used by NASA since the 60s, a lot of time in subtle ways, but gave character that was both recognizable and fanciful.

The PT stuff, by contrast, wasn't influenced nearly as much by contemporary vehicles, but more of the idea of fanciful technology ideas. Small, ridiculous, and sleek. Gone were the bumpy details and character for smooth curves and shiny textures. To be fair, you can see the same changes in our technology and vehicles today... they're sleek and smooth and all, but do you really think a current Camaro is going to be remembered the same way as an early-70s era Corvette?

Substance was added to make the PT ships and vehicles slicker, but it came at the cost of character and uniqueness.
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