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Review: 4193 London Escape

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Review: 4193 London Escape

Postby Staff » Sun Jul 31, 2011 12:01 am

Full Set

In the latest PotC movie, there apparently was an escape from London. I wouldn't know, because I couldn't bring myself to go see the movie. I know, it sounds strange that the guy who's reviewing all of the Pirates of the Caribbean sets hasn't seen the movie (I didn't see the third one either), but you really only need to read my review on 4183 - The Mill, to find out why. I really did love the first movie, and that spirit is something that could have been captured in the sets. LEGO Jack Sparrow? It seems like a no-brainer. Who wouldn't want that?

4193 - The London Escape, is the mid-priced ($49.99) set in the PotC line. London in this case is 1/3rd of a two-story building (no floors though, people in Ye Olde London hated floors). There are also two horse carts and five minifigures, so... it's really more of an Escape from one person and a poorly constructed facade. It could be movie accurate though, if they went old-school and just built the front of the building.


We're treated to five minifigures in this set, and a different bunch from most other sets. We get the obligatory Jack Sparrow, the more expensive variety that's done up in red and brown instead of blue and white. This is the cheapest set you can get this particular variety in, so if you want it, there you go.


We also get Jack's old first mate (I used Wikipedia), Joshamee Gibbs. Not a bad figure, simple, but a nice grey hairpiece (Draco's from HP's mold) and some tattered clothes. A good generic figure that could be worked into a lot of other builds or scenes, which is a nice change of pace.


The others are more generic figures, no-named characters that fill out the scene. We get two "King George's Soldiers," one officer and one trooper. Both are just fleshy replacements of the soldier's from the LEGO Pirates line, and do not incorporate any real changes. That's fine by me, since I can either yellow them out to put them on the pirates ship, or turn all my others fleshy to make my pirates crews bigger. The torsos are varried, have good details, and can easily drop in.


The last guy is the coachman on the pursuit cart, with a printed torso, cape, and triangular cap. Another good generic figure.


In 4183, I didn't like the tower because of the huge wall bricks, when I felt it would look better with bricks built around the windows. This set doesn't use the wall bricks, but goes one worse and doesn't even build the full building. I guess these are supposed to be a tavern or something like that... must be why it came with a keg and table.

  Something seems to be missing here

The interior is sort of implied, but in truth, the whole thing just looks awful. This is either a sad  bar or a wonderful picnic area. The parts themselves are okay, you get plenty of grills and windows, but nothing here is new or unique, outside of the bottles and bucket. As soon as LEGO makes a wine bottle parts pack, they will kill the Pirates line. If these were on Pick-a-Brick, I'd be sending people out there to fill up multiple cups for me. Even the roof is just a plate slapped on a couple of hinges.


The real core of the set is the two horse-drawn carriages that make up the chase. One is just a prison-style transport (I think), with the coachman, a gun, and treasure chest on the back. Newer revisions of the set have the gold coins, which is nice, but nothing in the cart is really all that inventive or cool. It's the same old horses, same wheels, only a couple of minifigs slapped on a simple carriage. It's not bad, but nothing special.


The second cart is modeled as if it was on fire, or capable of carrying fire maybe, and at least has a couple of different sized wheels. You can flip it between being on fire or not, but it really doesn't look quite right regardless.


And sadly, that's about it. By the time you finish building the set, you check and see how many parts it's supposed to have. It says 441, but it really doesn't feel like that. It feels like a much smaller set than the Mill, and really even than Cannibal escape. I know that it has more looking at it, but the unfinished building makes it feel like junk.

This set is kind of curious for me. The minifigs strike me as something you could really use a bunch of if you wanted to build a scene or MOC based on the American Revolution. A lot of these figures feel like they'd drop right in to something like that. This may be the worst set in the PotC line, only saved by having some good generic minifigs to toss around. Given how my other reviews have looked, that's saying something. Then again, the Fountain of Youth set is probably worse, but not by much.

Value: 6/10
Build Quality: 4/10
Accuracy: 2/10
Play Features: 6/10
Minifigs: 9/10
Reviewer's Tilt: 1/10
Final Score (Average): 4.67

Verdict: Skip, if you want a pirates set. If you're looking to build a revolutionary war set, get them on sale.
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Re: Review: 4193 London Escape

Postby Kell31 » Sun Jul 31, 2011 7:47 am

The past few reviews here have been incredibly negative. It seems that someone has allowed Eeeyore to enter into the review process.

I have seen all the Pirate Movies. I took them to be funny films and enjoyed each of them for what they were, funny Disney films. As I look at this set I see the crazy Tavern that Jack met his dad (Keith Freaking Richards!) in and remember that it was a dive. I see the two carts including the one Jack sets on fire as he attempts to escape with Mr. Gibbs. While this set does not hold a lot for me (Due to I am not focusing on collecting the POTC line) I appreciate the build inside the tavern. The walls are walls and not giant panels. We get some neat sticker or print pieces depicting art and the Tavern name. Wine bottles are always neat. Did the Queen Annes Revenge have the ships in the bottles? I might have to look for that. And we get 5 mini figures in this set. With the average cost of Minifigs on Ebay being around 9$ this is not bad.

The magic ration of 10 cents per piece seems unattainable any more. So using it as a barometer for the value of a set seems skewed. Lego as a company keeps buying major licenses so in accordance will have to fluctuate the price plus make money to pay staff and the board and the shareholder etc. So While I agree that Lego pricing has gotten a little too high as of late that is the way of the world.

The London Escape set does not provide a value to me, but I think the tis more because I am not collecting POTC. If I look at it from an outside view I say it is pretty close to the average I would expect to pay for a set.
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Re: Review: 4193 London Escape

Postby ytjedi » Sun Jul 31, 2011 8:18 am

The hairpiece on Mr. Gibbs is actually a gray version of the piece we get for Will Turner rather than the piece that goes on Draco Malfoy (no pony tail).
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Re: Review: 4193 London Escape

Postby dWhisper » Sun Jul 31, 2011 9:38 am

Negative? Maybe, but remember, I'm also writing the Star Wars reviews, and I did just give the Podracer set the highest rating I've ever handed out. I also liked Cannibal Escape, and have a review upcoming for the harbor set, which is probably my favorite of the series.

What I'm trying to convey, more than anything, is that the Pirates of the Caribbean line as a whole is just disappointing, as LEGO and as sets. I was up front that I haven't seen the fourth movie, so maybe this thing is totally accurate (they have a tavern somewhere that has no floors and only one wall). I thought the carts were well done, but much like the Mill, it's the little things that just wreck this set. They basically gave us a set prop, not a building. You mention the build inside the tavern, I wonder what build inside the tavern.

Yes, we do get wine bottles, and yes, they are neat (though they're the smoked grey, not the in a bottle print). That's why I've been buying them on Bricklink whenever I place an order and a store has them. eBay is also a terrible barometer for minifig or set value, as it's probably the worst place to buy anything related to LEGO (short of TRU). On there, Gibbs is the most valuable, around $7. One of the sailors is $6-ish, as is Jack. The coachman and other sailor both go for about $4.

As far as minifig value goes, I see almost all of this line much like the Prince of Persia line... limited. I gave this set high marks for having figures that can be used in other scenes or builds (unlike the Cannibal Escape or Captain's Cabin). Jack Sparrow looks cool, and this is a different variety than cheaper sets, but he's always going to be Jack Sparrow, the other figures have use and generic enough faces.

I wasn't even calling the piece count into question other than to say it didn't feel like that. This set feels smaller than than Mill (which wasn't a good value because it was ugly). The minifig value will settle, and this set will be fairly unimpressive.

Also, QAR has two bottles, both trans black. The ship in a bottle is only in the Captain's Cabin set.
If the above post didn't offend you, you're probably reading it wrong.
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Re: Review: 4193 London Escape

Postby youpunk » Sun Jul 31, 2011 11:17 am

Your review summed up my feelings on this set. I recently brought this set but if it was not deeply discounted, I walk straight pass it. I think that for $50.00, Lego could put a little more effort into the tavern. Lego is creating great minifigures but the sets they belong to seem to be an afterthought.
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Re: Review: 4193 London Escape

Postby MrCRskater » Sun Jul 31, 2011 9:26 pm

Yeah, the carriages are the stars of this set. I do like the tavern, too, but referring to it as a "set prop" is fairly accurate :lol: - nice description there, dWhisper. That's really the big drawback on this set, but I still thought it came out okay. While other lines offer strong sets at all price points (like Castle/Kingdoms), you basically have to shell out to get the best of the PotC line.

Also, for those keeping track of the goofy little trading cards, this set can be combined with Whitecap Bay to build a facade of Port Royal from the first movie. There's an LDD video on the PotC website for it, so maybe there are some building instructions floating around somewhere. . .
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Re: Review: 4193 London Escape

Postby dWhisper » Mon Aug 01, 2011 7:16 am

Actually, Castle/Kingdoms is usually among the absolute worst offenders in parts for the dollar, and most of their sets are pretty repetitive. It's been the red-headed step child of LEGO for some time, and is finally getting some decent sets (the mid-year wave for Castles is awesome). What it's always had is exclusives that are just gangbusters (Medieval Market, the new Farm Attack, etc). But I've seen that Mill set built in the castle line for years now, just with different colors or stickers. Might be why I hate it so much.
If the above post didn't offend you, you're probably reading it wrong.
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Re: Review: 4193 London Escape

Postby quincy » Mon Aug 01, 2011 11:58 am

...Just joined the site officially but have been reading for a number of years now.

After reading this latest review of the London Escape, I'm curious if you can post into your reviews a counter that tell the readers how many people have visited the page. Not unlike the counters that show up t the bottom of EBay auctions. The reason being is that I think it would be valuable for TLG to see just how many people are visiting your site and hopefully take note of (what I consider to be) honest and valuable reviews.

As for the set: The 4193 London Escape is pretty disappointing for the price. It's essentially a pirates themed race set, but what would be the cars don't really offer any actual play value. Combine that with the overall flavor of the set (Carriages on a London Street) that's just plain BORING, and you really have a lemon of a set. ...I work in the toy industry and can't imagine why Disney would actually signed off on this thing other than just trying to fill out their line and shelf space. :S
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