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Review: 8065 Mini container Truck

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Review: 8065 Mini container Truck

Postby TECHNICfannAZ » Mon Feb 28, 2011 10:45 am

Well when I had originally saw this set I dismissed it as just another "mini" vehicle that would just have the bucket move up and down and would just sit on a shelf or get scrapped for pieces. Boy was I wrong, the bucket itself can be lifted and lowered via friction, and after a simple mod you can make the cab tilt up as well. This set is one of the "2 in 1"'s that LEGO is offering in most of the Technic sets as of recent. As I was with the Rescue Helicopter (8068) I wasn't too impressed with the alternate model. The tow truck (called a pickup truck by LEGO) seems too simple when compared to the awesomeness of a fully functional container moving truck.
Name: Mini Container Truck
Price: $10.99 USD (approx. $0.11 USD)
Pieces: 119
Year: 2011?
Minifigs: none (its a Technic set for crying out loud. There haven't been "minifigs" in these sets since the early 90's)
New Pieces (atleast for me)- The smaller pieces on the end of the arms appear to not be in any other LEGO system/Technic set I own. I think I've seen them in maybe one or two other sets.
Price- Even before the $5 discount I got from being a LEGO store VIP member the PPP average was around $0.10 USD
Build-ability- The simplicity of this set is astounding I was able to build this set in around five minutes even though most of my experience in LEGO building has been in the "System" sets.
Functionality- Great. Very simple friction mechanism to remove the bucket from the back of the vehicle.
That friction mechanism- Although the truck can easily lift the bucket on to its back, removing it takes a little more work, the friction between the pin/gear and the arm is not that great but with a little help it works fine.
Manuals- What set of this size needs two manuals for one build? Even the alternate for this set only needed one.

My Ratings:
Price: 9/10 lower than average for pieces nowadays but still not the best.
Build-ability: 7/10 mostly because of the fact that it needed two manuals
Playability: 10/10 this set is awesome
Design: 5/10 the lifting arms could have been improved a little bit to make removing the bucket a little bit better.
Lifelike: 3/10 the few trucks that I see around my town use a winch and the container moves up a central tipped beam. the bucket when being lifted tips all the way forward making it's "contents" spill all over.
Swooshability N/A
Overall 7/10
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