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Review: 7676 Republic Attack Gunship

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Review: 7676 Republic Attack Gunship

Postby Staff » Fri Feb 04, 2011 1:16 am

7676 Republic Attack Gunship

At long last, 7676 Republic Attack Gunship, we meet on the FBTB review battlefield. Nearly two years ago you came into my life, and I teased and flirted with this review. But no more! A gauntlet was thrown down by my benevolent taskmaster, and I must finally (finally!) step up. Are you awesome, or are you not awesome?

First, a little bit of history. When I first found FBTB back in 2003, I had just gotten into Lego via the Star Wars line and was overjoyed to find a community revolving around the product I was diving into again after a typical dark age. Not long after I started to post on the forum, I made my first online purchase ever in a deal with a member here. The set? 7163 Republic Gunship.

The RGS was the largest Lego model I owned for at least two years after I started into the hobby. I loved it. I took pictures of it, I swooshed it, modified it, had adventures with it. I cuddled with Jedi Jimmy. Some of my earliest MOCs utilized many of the gunship's pieces. 7163 is a very special part of my history as an AFOL.

How could 7676 Republic Attack Gunship possibly live up to the legacy left by it's predecessor?

7676: Overall- Front

Build Quality and Play Features: I vaguely remember the original gunship having some stability issues. That may have been what prompted my original mods to it. Ancient history. 7676 RAS is a solid hunk of fantastic plastic, although the wings flop a little more than I'd like, particular since we're dealing with the second generation of click hinges that have greatly reduced clutch power. That one complaint aside, this build is amazing. There are great building techniques which have so many applications in other creations.

7676: Construction

Take this for example. We now use this trick with the hinge and cheese to add greater poseability and expression to minilanders in Legoland scenes.

7676: Play Features- Bacta Tank 7676: Play Features- Console Compartment 7676: Play Features- Storage Compartment 7676: Speederbike parking

There's so much going on in this set! I love the enclosed bubble gunner stations, the stowaway bacta tank, that control station La-Z-Boy, the secret hatches and speeder bike (with ramp! Yes!) This is what I really love about larger Lego sets in general: more room for play features and fun stuff stashed away in every nook and cranny, like the 4840 The Burrow, which we'll be posting a review of soon.

Swoosh Factor: Unless you fly upside down (and thus suffer from floppy wing problems) this thing is a swoosher's dream come true. Especially if you've been lifting weights lately. You puny basement-dwellers might have some problems.

Accuracy: Twi'Lek stormtrooper sticker. 'Nuff said.

Minifigs: This was the first set I owned that had Clone Wars minifigs. The new style was jarring to me at the time, and although they still don't mesh well with my other Lego figures, I've come to appreciate the CW figures for what they are. Asajj Ventress is hands-down one of my favorite minifigs ever, complemented by her unique skirt, lightsabers, and wicked head paint job. New Plo Koon, Obi, and trusty clonetroopers round out the super friends team. The original gunship may have had more figures (Jedi Jimmy! 4 clones! Droideka! 2 super battle droids!!) but I think the quality of the figures in the new set is much higher.

7676: Minifigs- Group Shot 7676: Minifigs- Asajj Ventress

Value: In 2002 the original 7163 gunship was $90. In 2008, you could buy the 7676 edition for $130 USD. Today, you'd be paying at minimum $200 USD. At 693 and 1034 pieces for the old and new versions, respectively, the new gunship is a slightly better value! It's over the Golden Ratio, but this might be the last review you ever read from me referencing that ancient religion. Do I get $130 worth of value out of this set in parts, minifigs, fun design, play features, and running-around-the-house swooshing? Absolutely.

This review is likely 2 years too late to convince you to buy this set. I'm sorry. Every kid, MOC builder, and collector needs this kit. With my highest review score yet, 7676 Republic Attack Gunship easily assumes the throne of 7163 RGS and leaves it's own lasting mark on the Lego Star Wars line.

Build Quality: 10/10

Accuracy: 10/10

Swoosh Factor: 9/10

Play Features: 10/10

Minifigs: 9/10

Value: 10/10

Reviewer's Tilt: 10/10

Final Score (Average): 9.7

images used in this review

(warning: hi res)
7676: Construction7676: Construction7676: Construction7676: Play Features- La-Z-Boy7676: Play Features- Bacta Tank

7676: Play Features- Console Compartment7676: Minifigs- Asajj Ventress7676: Minifigs- Group Shot7676: Play Features- Speederbike7676: Cockpit

7676: Play Features- Storage Compartment7676: Overall- Rear7676: Speederbike parking7676 Republic Attack Gunship7676: Overall- Front

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Re: Review: 7676 Republic Attack Gunship

Postby Blackicep8ntball » Fri Feb 04, 2011 4:55 am

Nice review, Ryan. I've actually been on the fence about this set, even had a copy and resold it on eBay to make $70 instead of keeping it for myself. Thinking I may have to end up re-spending the $70 and getting one again. One thing I'm concerned about is the amount of stickers, though. The old one had all printed parts didn't it?
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Re: Review: 7676 Republic Attack Gunship

Postby J30spiff » Fri Feb 04, 2011 6:46 am

Thanks for the review. My 6-yr old son was able to build this set by himself during his Holiday break in Dec and he really loves it. It's a great set with a lot of swooshability. I really wish we would have picked up another one of these before it was discontinued as multiples of this set are a must for recreating epic battles such as Point Rain.
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Re: Review: 7676 Republic Attack Gunship

Postby Tohst » Fri Feb 04, 2011 7:37 am

Blackicep8ntball wrote:Nice review, Ryan. I've actually been on the fence about this set, even had a copy and resold it on eBay to make $70 instead of keeping it for myself. Thinking I may have to end up re-spending the $70 and getting one again. One thing I'm concerned about is the amount of stickers, though. The old one had all printed parts didn't it?

Old one had lots of stickers too, including fiddley little ones. I wouldn't let that be the deciding factor on which version you get.

Given how quickly stickers start to crack and peel these days I do have a concern for the big plane art stickers but there are enough places out there where you can download the art and reprint it if you want to that its almost a non-issue. Or even better, get new art and keep your gunship fresh.

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Re: Review: 7676 Republic Attack Gunship

Postby Novastinger » Fri Feb 04, 2011 8:55 am

Nice review, I'm also in the opinion that it's one of the best Star Wars Lego sets made to date. One item of note though, while it's quite swooshable when using two hands, beware of swooshing with only one hand, as you may end up with a crashed gunship real quick.
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Re: Review: 7676 Republic Attack Gunship

Postby Chief » Fri Feb 04, 2011 9:16 am

On my 7163 gunship, there were a few pieces I never took the stickers off of that I still have today. The stickers are all perfectly intact. I am probably a big exception to the rule in this case.

On the 7676 gunship, there are also stickers that have shown no signs of wear or peeling.
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Re: Review: 7676 Republic Attack Gunship

Postby redondofuentes » Fri Feb 04, 2011 11:41 am

yes yes, this is an awesome set, though I had to wait until Target's after Christmas sale to make's it's purchase more affordable. I think it was a way better build than the original. It inspired me to go all clone wars Rancor on it and the drop ship. Good review! Love this set![email protected]/2981878528/[email protected]/4033360597/
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Re: Review: 7676 Republic Attack Gunship

Postby Crusader » Fri Feb 04, 2011 12:07 pm

It is great set, but I thought they cut a few corners with it. The end result for me was a great looking ship that was structurally weak. My boys had a hard time swooshing it without it pulling apart. So I rebuilt it, maybe adding 20 bricks or so to the internal structure and it was much sturdier. I wouldn't be surprised if it was originally designed a bit sturdier but the designers were forced to shed a few bricks to hit the price point. It wasn't a difficult rebuild since I'm an AFOL, but it might be different if you're 8 and don't have access to the right bricks.
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Re: Review: 7676 Republic Attack Gunship

Postby cas » Fri Feb 04, 2011 12:21 pm

The stickers on my 7163 are peeling and cracking like crazy. It's one of the few sets I have with this problem (I think I have 3 or 4 other sets total with this problem). They're all displayed in the same place, so I don't believe environment is a factor. The stickers on my 7676 are still intact and look great. It's one of the few sets I thought stickers worked on, particularly the nose section. The choice of stickers was nice.

The 7163 is getting closer to being remove from my display because of the unsightly peels. I probably should've contacted Lego for a replacement sticker sheet when I first noticed it, but I procrastinated by a few years and I'm still procrastinating. I
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Re: Review: 7676 Republic Attack Gunship

Postby Alm » Fri Feb 04, 2011 2:50 pm

After missing out on the original gunship in 2002, when I saw 7676 hit my local Wal-Mart's shelf in July 2008, I knew there was no way in heck I was going to "wait" any longer. I bought it for a "bargain" $118. I was flying back to college soon, so I didn't want to build it and leave it idle and collecting dust for months, yet I couldn't resist opening the box.

It was a good thing I did, because it was missing the sticker sheet! Luckily, I didn't procrastinate like that fellow above, and by May 2009, I had a new sticker sheet to go with the set. Sadly, I still haven't gotten around to building it...or the Republic Fighter Tank...or the Torrent Starfighter...or the dozen other Star Wars Lego sets I've gotten since then. I blame college and being away from home so often! But my day of swooshing a Republic Attack Gunship around the house is coming, mark my words!
I think TRON-based Lego sets would be awesome!
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Re: Review: 7676 Republic Attack Gunship

Postby Aharown » Fri Feb 04, 2011 7:16 pm

Ah, yes. Excellent set - one of my favourites. Very close to the original, and one of my favourite prequel trilogy vehicles. I remember the first time I saw the vehicle in the theatre I said to myself - "wow!"

I modded mine slightly by removing the flick-fire rockets on top, adding more 45 degree slopes along the large rocket launchers to hide the gap and stiffen the wings, and a larger, better proportioned ramp in the rear.

I also filled it with clone soldiers.

It is possible to swoop with one hand - if you hold it from the bottom. Put your fingers in the slots between the inverse 45 degree slopes and it works quite well.

Good review with great photos.
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Re: Review: 7676 Republic Attack Gunship

Postby mikado » Fri Feb 04, 2011 10:32 pm

i love this kit got it for 40 bucks complete, and absolutely love the twilik girl sticker
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Re: Review: 7676 Republic Attack Gunship

Postby Robzula » Sat Feb 05, 2011 3:17 am

In the very first and second picture, one of the front guns is tilted forward on the base hinge and one is tilted back in the correct position. That is really bugging me.
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Re: Review: 7676 Republic Attack Gunship

Postby LL918 » Sun Feb 13, 2011 12:21 am

A nice review of a great set.

I was disappointed that I didn’t get the original, so was happy when this new one came out. My only complaints were that it didn’t have the extra gun-pods on the sides and the minifigs were CW style. But still it really is a great set, worthy of the score you gave it, especially with that Twi'leck girl...

My query from your review is about click-hinges. You mention “second generation click-hinges” being not so good. This made me take my 7676 Gunship down from the top of the bookshelf, then go and dig out an old 7140 X-Wing to rebuild and compare. My recollection that the original click-hinges were not standard ABS proved correct. (As was my recollection that 7140 was a fantastic set.) I am wondering if the problem with the RGS is that the wings are just too big and heavy? Bricklink lists both sets as having the same click hinge parts (eg 30365) although I know it is not infallible. Can you expand any more on the “second generation click-hinges?”
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Re: Review: 7676 Republic Attack Gunship

Postby onions » Mon Feb 14, 2011 9:30 am

i'm pretty sure that what he meant by second generation was that the first generation were super super super super strong. kids and even some adults were having trouble attaching the hinges together and taking them apart was even more difficult. so lego redesigned them slightly with lower tolerances. i dont' think there was ever a change in part number so bricklink would still maintain that first and second versions are the same.
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Re: Review: 7676 Republic Attack Gunship

Postby Sharpie Clone » Mon Feb 21, 2011 6:50 am

I had bought a few of the original SW LEGO sets, but stopped for about 9 years. In 2008, I often walked by a shop on my way home and would see the 7676 Gunship. A few times, I stopped in to look at it, but never bought it. It seemed like a lot of money to spend on a toy.

I don't remember what it was exactly, but an urge suddenly took over and I wanted it... badly. I went by that store and the other places I had seen it or expected to find it and it was gone. This past fall, I searched and searched online to find one. I ordered one from an outlet on BrickLink. It is an amazing set- lots of great features.

I then found some LEGO websites and some MOCs of gunships. I decided to customize mine. I got rid of the lime green, added guns to the bubbles on the wings, revamped the interior so the floor was more complete, moved the gun rack and added a little trim on the wings. I never put the stickers on the wings or the front storage area. I wanted to do a custom sticker, but never did it. Maybe I will one day, but I like my 7676 and it is definitely my favorite set.
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