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8019 - Republic Attack Shuttle Review

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8019 - Republic Attack Shuttle Review

Postby dWhisper » Tue Feb 17, 2009 9:08 pm

What would you say if Nick was posting all of these reviews on his iPhone.
If the above post didn't offend you, you're probably reading it wrong.
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Re: 8019 - Republic Attack Shuttle Review

Postby lordvader208 » Wed Mar 04, 2009 7:05 pm

I would say "stop wasting your time". It just takes way too long and it is easy to make typing mistakes on an iPhone. I have typed posts on my iPod touch before, and it is not efficient at all.

Now for the review:

The biggest January wave 2009 SW set. At least I think it is, but correct me if I forgot about another set. At first glance, the box is just weird. It's really long, and looks awkward to the boxes that I am used to. But anyways, it has a flip up top like the ones in the $100+ sets, making piece storage very nice and easy. But I didn't realize it was flip up cover and instead opened it from the sides until I observed the box after finishing building the shuttle.

The set comes with 2 instruction booklets, just like most $50 and up sets do now. And the good part is that there are no sticker sheets (stickers aren't necessary for this vehicle anyways). 636 pieces for $60? Good deal, and one of the best price to parts ratio for SW sets this year.

The 2 minifigs in this set, Mace, Clone Pilot, and normal Clone are really nice. Mace Windu might be the minifig some of you buy this set for, and he is definitely a cool fig. A big improvement over my LULS one from the Clone Turbo Tank, and I like the new facial details in the new CW style minifigs. The purple lightsaber is unique, and this is my first metallic silver lightsaber, and I think it looks perfectly fine. No real need for chrome. Realistically speaking, this set should come with Ahsoka, Obi-Wan, and Anakin instead of Mace, but whatever. The other nice minifig is the Clone pilot. Only in 1 other set, the V-19 Torrent, the clone pilot is one of my favorites. Luckily, I have 2 pilots now. The normal clone is just...normal. Nothing special, but he is needed to help fly the shuttle. Each clone gets 1 blaster.

The build is straightforward and nothing technical and complicated like in the V-19. It is quite a fun build, and my favorite part was the cockpit/head area. Best of all, nothing felt repetitive. One thing to note is that this ship is soooooo solid. Even the wings have 2 layers of plates. It feels extremely sturdy and not prone to break. I found out later how wrong I was when I tried adding a stand to the bottom of the ship, and at the slightest use of pressure to attach my stand to the floor, uhh...I broke through the floor...many times in fact when I tried it over and over again. But that's the only problem I had.

The interior is small, because half of it is taken up by the bomb-dropping area. The engineering for the bomb dropping is nice, but not one that particularly interests a 17 year old like me. But it is a nice addition. The interior has a chair for mace and a weapon stand, both of which are pretty useless, IMO. The cockpit interior lacks controls, displays, etc, but I still like it because it fits the two clones. My favorite feature is the column of flick-fire missles on the top of the shuttle. The whole mechanism works really well and I like to play with it at times. Just make sure not to lose the missles or you have nothing to play with. After all the missles are fired, the technic beam comes straight down the bottom of the ship, and you can reload again. The wings can move up and down, but nothing fancy like in the V-19 or the ARC-170. Oh and did I mention the cockpit pieces flip up very smoothly.

There aren't many special pieces in this set, but everything is put together really nicely. The shuttle looks great from a frontal view, but looks pretty awkward from the sides, mostly because I am used to the top wing that is in the Imperial Shuttle. This one just seems cut off, but it's in the design, so don't blame TLC. The yellow accents may turn off some people, but I like it and adds a bit more detail to the set. Sitting next to my V-19, the shuttle looks rather small, but that's mostly because of the extra wing that the V-19 has. Overall, the shuttle is still a nice set and, if I may say, more worth it than the AAT (although I don't own the AAT). This just has so many more functions.


Price to Parts: 10/10
Parts: 8/10 (nothing special here, but lots of useful parts)
Availability: 9/10 (not too sure about this one, but there were like 6-7 of them at the Target I got mine at)
Minifigs: 9.5/10 (im totally satisfied with the minifigs, but some people might want more than 3 figs)
Playability: 10/10 (where this set excels at)
Build: 9/10
Detail: 7.5/10 (lacks interior details...not even an instrument panel in sight)

Overall: 9/10

One of the must-get sets this year, unless you prefer to stock up on clone BPs instead.
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Re: 8019 - Republic Attack Shuttle Review

Postby star_wars_rules » Thu Mar 12, 2009 8:26 pm

I also have this set and here is my take on it

I got this yesterday and was impressed by it's size and also the way it looks. It comes with Mace Windu and 2 clones, (a pilot and trooper.)

Now as I have not seen it in the movies and like most of us here waiting for the clone series to come to dvd I can't comment on how it looks to the film version.

But anyway here is my review on it.

Here is the reference on wookiepedia for it.

Build 10/10 came together very well and easily. More clones can be placed in the rear section behind Mace's seat.

Look to ref pic 10/10 spot on. Lego did a great job on this.

Now I did get this on special at kmart. $76.00 marked down from $100.00 Also Darth's TIE is still going for $50.00 at kmart. BigW is selling them higher, they have not discounted the prices yet.

Wings in the up position ... 0_0965.jpg

Wings in the down position ... 0_0966.jpg

All opened up ... 0_0967.jpg
The force is strong with this one.....

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For those interested here is my brickshelf gallery.
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