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Review: 7117 Gresh

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Review: 7117 Gresh

Postby BIONICOOL » Sun Mar 07, 2010 11:05 am


Gresh has the same Av-Matoran build as all the other Stars, except a bit of armor: new armor. This claw-like armor can be found only in this set, which is another reason to get it. Gresh stands out also because of his lime green pieces, a pleasure to the eye.



As I said above, Gresh has some interesting pieces. Half of this set is either recolored or new, which is great. He has a new lime green mask, my favorite mask ever. The color scheme fits well on him. He also has new claw-like armor, and a recolored sword, Glatorian fist, and exterior.


Gresh is a cute little character to play with. The other Stars make it fun for battle scenes with him, the weapons are awesome, and he is kind-of poseable.



Play: 10/10 (really good)
Pose: 4/10 (not full experience)
Pieces: 9/10 (great selection)
Build: 2/10 (simple; not the best)
Overall: 25% (good job LEGO)

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Re: Review: 7117 Gresh

Postby Tilius » Mon Mar 08, 2010 11:45 am


I don't even own the set and I could've written a better review than that. You're just saying what you can see. It's a few sentences, no original photos, and you say 25% is good? Pfft.

Try harder next time, or not at all. This is why other Lego fans assume Bionicle fans are either kids or just thick. It doesn't make us look good.

- Tilius
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Re: Review: 7117 Gresh

Postby irmasturcheeflol » Sat Mar 20, 2010 9:58 am

Um... do you even own this set I have seen better reviews on the LEGO website.
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