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7748-Corporate Alliance Tank Droid Review

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7748-Corporate Alliance Tank Droid Review

Postby ThePwnLord » Tue Nov 24, 2009 8:07 pm

When this set was shown,the main hype was over those awesome new jet packs. Really,that is one of the few attractions of this set. At $25.00,its pretty good following the price for parts standards,with 216 peices. Sadly,those little tiny tread pieces still count,so thats a let down. But now onto the real review:

Minifigures:As I said at the begining,the whole shining point of this set were the jet troopers. It comes with 2 of them,each with a blaster and jetpack to add to your army. Also included are 2 regular battle droids. Nothing special,but hey,that just makes it a better army builder.I'm not sure if the clones would be counted as "new figures" as the jet packs are the only new part,but you may call it as you will.

Corporate Alliance Tank:Now when I finished the build,I fealt an uneasy feeling in my wallet,as I looked at the size. This thing is very small,almost small enough to fit snug in your hand.I was honestly,very dissapointed,but I managed to still find a few good parts.First of all,NO STICKERS! When I saw those huge disks,I knew LEGO would tack on those annoying stickers,but luckily they were printed! The "eyes" can go back and forth,and they also include those pesky flick-fire missles. As always,they hardly go a foot,and I already lost one of mine,but still,LEGO has to think about the younger builders too. If you drive this guy on carpet(It works best) the treads will move,to my surprise,very well,but they can also be turned by running your finger on it,or spinning the back "wheel". Lastly,the droid also includes platforms,kind of like feet on the front. They can go up and down,to maybe make it look as if its driving up a cliff. It also lets your droids stand on them,but unlike in ROTS,the guns get in the way.

Overall: 8.5/10
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Re: 7748-Corporate Alliance Tank Droid Review

Postby Draykov » Tue Nov 24, 2009 8:44 pm

Please take a look at the Guideline for Reviews thread:

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