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7748 - Corporate Alliance Tank

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7748 - Corporate Alliance Tank

Postby gratefulnat » Tue May 26, 2009 2:10 pm

The saving grace of this set is the jetpack clones.

This grey/black color combination works much better for me than the previous tank (Ep III, 7258), the 'eyes' are the only part of the build that were niftily designed, and the printed round plates are a plus (no stickers).

The design is straightforward, fewer pieces and smaller than 7258, otherwise nearly identical. Ho hum.

A driver droid is not nescessary because there's no seat for it to sit in, and the other droids are, well... droids are droids.

There is a 2x10 flat plate with some slopes - should function as a catapult. It sort of works, like one of the poorer flickfire systems sort of work :S .

The jetpacks are nicely detailed, although they seem to disappear on the backs of the clones: too much white on white, but they do look cool.

If you want the figures, or have to have all sets, go ahead and get it, otherwise I'd say let the kids have fun with it and flick their figures around (and as a playset it is more stable than 7258).
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Re: 7748 - Corporate Alliance Tank

Postby kizaru » Wed Jun 17, 2009 12:32 pm

i got this set myself and i think its horrible! the only thing that's good with this is the jet troopers.
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Re: 7748 - Corporate Alliance Tank

Postby slicer87 » Wed Jun 17, 2009 8:52 pm

From the pics I have seen of this set it does not look much better than 7258. Looks like the only thing that is improved are the eyes.
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Re: 7748 - Corporate Alliance Tank

Postby Diaaabo » Sun Mar 07, 2010 10:21 am

My 2cents:


Lots of tracks; two exclusive printed pieces and some bley slopes, nothing big.

The build:

Easy and quick. The most boring part is connecting all the tracks...


Excelent, specially if compared to the 2005 version, which didn't even had the right colour scheme. The printed pieces look pretty nice and the scale looks good, even though it could be a bit bigger.


One tank, two droids, two clones and a small catapult to send the jet troopers flying away! Sounds nice, but the catapult isn't that nice... the minifigs don't go neither far nor high and they always land on their heads. Anyway, we got two factions on this set, which is pretty good for playing.

Others - minifigs:

The usual battle droids, but the new exclusive clones give this set a better value. The jetpack gives them style and augments the sets' playability, even without that weird launcher.


Another excelent set. Like in most SW sets, the minifigs make up for the value. As for the vehicle itself, even though it's not featured proeminently in the movies, it appears in several videogames and other means of the SW universe, and it's a great add for CIS armies; at the same time the jet pack clones make a great add to republican armies.
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