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Review: 75095 UCS TIE Fighter

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Review: 75095 UCS TIE Fighter

Postby Staff » Wed May 20, 2015 4:17 am

I was a bit apprehensive to review 75095 UCS TIE Fighter, since when I first saw the ship in Ace's Toy Fair coverage, I thought it was a bit of a blocky mess. The TIE fighter is long overdue for some UCS love, though. The TIE Advance was one of the first UCS sets, owned by a few collectors and sat on by a bunch of people that scooped them up on clearance and hope to sell them someday to pay for their kid's college tuition. Vader's TIE Advance was a unique ship, and minus the cockpit and sticker plate, something you can likely build out of leftover parts sitting around. But the TIE Fighter, the backbone ship of the Imperial Navy and probably the most iconic fighter not called an X-Wing, went for 16 years before finally getting it's due.

I only got into collecting the UCS sets with the Falcon, and that wasn't even a first-run purchase for me (I think I got it in late 2008/early 2009). I'd owned a couple of other sets before that, like the Naboo Starfighter and Vader's TIE, but they'd never impressed me all that much. Even for display pieces, they were absurdly fragile things that took up a lot of space. I sold them off... and I'll admit there's a bit of remorse to Vader's given the crazy aftermarket prices on it now, but it was never a huge deal that I missed out.

Of course, fast-forward seven years, and I've purchased several of the things. The Falcon was like a glorious gateway to addiction that has been joined by the SSD, X-Wing, B-Wing, R2-D2, and Slave I. I don't even like Boba Fett, but you have to admit that his ship looks cool, and it looks great sitting on a shelf. The UCS sets are a big investment in space though, something that my current situation leaves in very short supply (everything in Texas is bigger... except apparently apartments).

I'm also happy to report that my first impressions of the set, from those Toy Fair pictures, were absolutely wrong.

There is a blockiness to this set, but it's not as bad when you see the set in person as it looks in pictures. It actually flows pretty well, the the stability and overall look of the ship as a whole make it sort of fade away.

75095 - TIE Front

One thing to make clear though is that this thing is just huge. On its stand, it's just a tiny bit taller than Slave I is, and off it just a tiny bit shorter than Slave 1 from front to back. You're also going to spend a lot of time in the build doing builds twice, given how symmetrical the ship is.

75095 - Side View

The panels are actually the last thing you build, and probably the most tedious part of the entire build, thanks to the layering of small wedge plates in interesting color choices. I always find it a bit strange that big sets like this, with their set palettes, hide parts in tan, yellow, and green. I suppose it's a choice by the designers to help keep the part budget down, since certain parts are going to cost less in certain colors, but sometimes it feels like you have to add some bulk to hide them. It's just a tiny bit here, mostly on the interior of the panels, but still there (and tedious).

75095 - Top View

How they're installed is a creative and interesting solution. The giant slope blocks are thankfully missing. Instead, the cockpit basically sits in a shoe that you build with the wing, and pins lock it into place. A few brackets and bricks lock it into place, and makes for a very sturdy and clean looking connection. If you're curious, that bracket is sitting under the plate with the triangle sticker on it.

75095 - Rear View

There are a few stickers on the ship itself, though most of them are tucked inside the cockpit where you'll never see them and it was impossible to get pictures without tearing the whole thing apart. Seriously, this thing is like a rock, and easily the most swooshable UCS set that has ever been made. My daughter and I had a bit of fun the other day when I was swooshing this and she was swooshing the smaller System set around.



75095 - Size Comparison

The last system-scale TIE fighter, 9492, was probably my favorite version of the ship. It got the size a bit better, the look was a lot more than plates stuck on the side of a bubble (okay, it was still that, but with borders now), and I purchased several of them while they were on Rollback at Walmart. They also got disassembled after this set got built and had to give up their shelf spots.

75095 - Open Top

There are two ways to get into the cockpit of the ship, though one is more a function of the new windscreen dish having a hinge and the other as designed. The top hatch opens up, where you could drop a pilot if you were so inclined (a minifig pilot is far too small though). I'll be interested to see some of the designs people come up with for a figure here.

75095 - Cockpit Open

The cockpit interior is mostly control stick and opening. A few stickers accent the windscreen dome. I'm not sure how needed they are, but they just sit on some double-cheese slopes. We also have the blaster... spots... or whatever they're called... on the front. I don't know why I'd never noticed it before I watched Rebels, but how do red emitters shoot green lasers? They did in the OT, they did in the cartoon, and they do in the Episode 7 concept art (which is at the front of the instruction book). The TIE hasn't changed much between the movies, which sort of fits a ship that's so simple in design in the military... they can stay in service for a long time with fairly minimal upgrades.

75095 - Bottom View

The underside has an opening to sit on the stand for the ship, which actually makes the whole thing pose-able as well. You can turn the ship around on the peg and angle it however you like. Also... a lot of slopes went into the making of this thing. You have to resist the urge to pick up the cockpit when you first build it and throw it like a baseball.

75095 - Stand

The stand is one of your typical UCS stands... all technic beams and pins. That's not a bad thing, it's perfectly functional and sturdy. We get the plate with the imaginary stats of our imaginary ship, and a little spot for the TIE fighter that's included with the set. All UCS sets come with minifigures, and the recent trend is to make them unique to the set...

75095 - Sticker

1200 km/hr in atmosphere! Wow! Who knew that hours and kilometers were measurements in a galaxy far away. The pilot is similar to the one we get in the TIE Advanced Prototype set that came out earlier this year, but it has a few additions, like some extra printing, more on the helmet, and fancy arms...

75095 - Pilot Printed Arms

Those arms are actually pretty awesome, and I really wish there was a way to get them other places, given that the cost for this guy was $75 on BL when I checked a couple of days ago. I'm not a fan of the helmet leaving the head exposed, it feels like someone got lazy, but that's more an artifact of a fleshy head being used. All that work to give us a two-piece Vader helmet and they couldn't have done the same for this guy... or at the least given us the older helmet that went all the way back down.

75095 - Pilot Helmet Off

Guess our pilot is a clone though. The lines are pretty interesting... I'm just not sure what setting they're from. Maybe Tron?

75095 - Pilot Comparison

We have a few different pilots now... these are just the ones I grabbed from a quick shuffle through my Star Wars minifig bucket. It's sad that it has it's own, but it's even sadder that I need to get a new one. The new guy will stay on the stand, though, since it's a nice spot for it there. If it was easier to get more, I'd like to mix/match some parts with other figures to try and get something different. Strangely, the torso printing is different between the TIE Prototype pilot and this one, even though they were made within a few months of one another. The torso is from the TIE Bomber planets series, and the helmet is another repaint of the new helmet variety... they just didn't use the printed black face on it.

75095 - Front Angle View

In the end, we're continuing the tradition of some pretty stellar releases. If you're fortunate to own Vader's TIE advanced, I'm sorry that you're going to need two of these guys to do a proper display. Otherwise, I'm thinking that I need to display this one chasing after the X-Wing... and you probably still need two. This is a solid five out of five set, and a worthy addition to any collector's shelf.

What I Liked

  • Build is rock solid and swooshable. And you will want to pick it up and swoosh it... the set demands it

  • Fascinating build methods for attaching the panels to the cockpit, new cockpit dish and top, and it feels like a good value for the cost

  • Stand gives options for posing and showing the ship, albeit only on a single axis

What I Didn't Like

  • While a new TIE fighter figure is cool, it's the kind of figure you are going to want more of, and that's impractical in a set like this

  • Tedious build at times, with a lot of repetition

Verdict: 5 out of 5. You can, and should, go buy 75095 UCS TIE Fighter on Lego [email protected] right now!

LEGO Star Wars TIE Fighter 6
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Re: Review: 75095 UCS TIE Fighter

Postby Trooper10 » Wed May 20, 2015 7:30 am

I always find it a bit strange that big sets like this, with their set palettes, hide parts in tan, yellow, and green. I suppose it’s a choice by the designers to help keep the part budget down, since certain parts are going to cost less in certain colors

I'm under the impression they do that just to make the building/instructions easier - ie the color differentiation in parts. When you consider how the instruction printing colors can be hard to follow at time (eg dark bley vs black) this makes sense to me as I'm pretty sure black is one of the cheapest colors.

AS for the set - I saw one live at BricksLA on the weekend and while it looks great in the flesh...err plastic, there are just too many far more interesting sets and builds going at the $150-$350 range for my sorry little budget, I doubt this one will make the cut....I kind of feel like I could just about build one myself too. All that being said I'm keenly awaiting the first MOC that's an Episode 7 'update' of the tie fighter...or maybe there's a minifig scale one on the way in time for Christmas!

And seriously another TIE pilot? I can't believe they didn't put Aunt Beru in this set.... ;)
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Re: Review: 75095 UCS TIE Fighter

Postby onions » Wed May 20, 2015 8:33 am

like blood turning red when oxygenized, the lasers start out red but turn green once they are oxygenized.

review was short and sweet and echoes my exact sentiments. my only comment would have been that the cockpit ball could have been ballier. it seems a bit stretched out sideways but yes, very solid build indeed. oh, one other comment, it doesn't feel like a $199 set after it's built and that would be the only reason i wouldn't be able to unreservedly recommend it for purchase.

I am one of those sick bastards that is thinking i'll need to pick up a second for a proper dio with vader's tie, then i'd need a couple of the ucs x-wings or rebuild some ucs y-wings for the death star squadron to chase, and then take over the living room/family room and build a to-scale trench, and then a 20 foot turbolaser battery, and then...
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Re: Review: 75095 UCS TIE Fighter

Postby dWhisper » Wed May 20, 2015 9:20 am

Sounds like you have a challenge display for Bricks LA 2016...

I think the value thing got a bit skewed for me as I was building a bunch of other sets around the same time. Because of the size/solidity of the build, which was put together just a couple of days after I'd also built Slave I and a couple of other Star Wars sets, it didn't bug me nearly as much. It felt good when picked up, nothing broke apart moving it, and it didn't feel like they were using empty air to cover for a lack of parts (which I thought Slave I did a few times, especially as I was building the wings and cockpit).
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Re: Review: 75095 UCS TIE Fighter

Postby banthafodder » Wed May 20, 2015 5:57 pm

I had my reservations when I first saw this set as well. Then I saw sparkarts at bricks la (by the way where is the coverage on this, I'm looking at you Solo) and it was pretty amazing. Now, granted, he had modified the hull to look more spherical but was that thing swoosh able. With as sqooshable as this is I am disappointed that they did not incorporate the new missiles into the design as it was very effective on the tie prototype. It would be awesome to terrorize my wife's small yapping dog with that. Inclusion of missiles would have turned this up to 11.
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Re: Review: 75095 UCS TIE Fighter

Postby murphquake » Thu May 21, 2015 12:15 pm

onions wrote:like blood turning red when oxygenized, the lasers start out red but turn green once they are oxygenized

space oxygen?
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Re: Review: 75095 UCS TIE Fighter

Postby Solo » Thu May 21, 2015 3:12 pm

In real world lasers the green varieties appear to produce stronger beams than red ones do, but those actually use powerful infrared emitters and various wavelength altering lenses/mediums to create the green beam. Sometimes when things aren't functioning right they'll emit a faint but visible red beam instead of green, which is actually an even more intense infrared beam that you can only barely perceive but is more hazardous to your eyes than the visible beams would be.

So, applying actual laser physics to psuedo scifi space lasers, it could make sense to see the emitters glowing red at rest or in stand-by mode and then firing green when engaged.
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Re: Review: 75095 UCS TIE Fighter

Postby sterow » Fri May 22, 2015 5:22 pm

Hi - I had a quick question about scale. You talk about presenting it with Vader's Tie Advanced or the X-Wing, and one of my reservations was the differing scales of these models, so I am interested in how you feel they sit together.

I have the original UCS Tie Interceptor, the Vader Tie, and the UCS X-Wing (I have replaced the old with the new recently) all on top of bookshelves. They look great together and at least superficially all appear to scale (IIRC the original X-Wing and Tie Interceptor actually nominated a scale on the box). Even the UCS B-Wing doesn't look a mile off, though I think it is undersized if considered to be at scale with these.

I had assumed the new Tie was at a very different scale, and had probably leant towards skipping it on this basis as this reduces its merit for me as a display. However the review suggests they may not look so far off?

What do people who have seen the sets together think?
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Re: Review: 75095 UCS TIE Fighter

Postby dWhisper » Fri May 22, 2015 6:34 pm

I can't speak towards the Advance (as I said in the review... no longer have it), but it doesn't look bad next to the X-Wing. When I get back in town, I'll see if I can snap a picture of the X-Wing next to the TIE, but it doesn't look bad. That being said, I don't have them on the same shelf just because of size constraints on my shelves.
If the above post didn't offend you, you're probably reading it wrong.
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Re: Review: 75095 UCS TIE Fighter

Postby sterow » Fri May 22, 2015 7:49 pm

Cheers dWhisper. Look forward to any further advice on this point.
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Re: Review: 75095 UCS TIE Fighter

Postby Gingerbeard Man » Tue May 26, 2015 5:32 am

sterow wrote:What do people who have seen the sets together think?

Mainly I think the TIE Interceptor looks its age...
LEGO Star Wars UCS TIE comparison by Andrew, on Flickr

For starters the old dark gray just looks so dull and I doubt removing the decade of dust would do much to improve that (the black maybe, but not the dark gray).

I'm not sure what to make of the scale. My personal, subjective impression is that the Interceptor looks too small next to the new TIE Fighter (unlike the minifig sets where 6206 looks rather beefy compared to 7146). Objectively the stats say the Interceptor is supposed to be a little over half a metre longer (9.6 m vs. 8.99 m). I haven't counted studs and I didn't take a side-on picture, but my recollection is that the Interceptor's wings are indeed a tiny bit longer from tip to tail which should make the two sets roughly the same scale, give or take a few percentage points.

EDIT: Turns out the 7181 TIE Interceptor is in fact one-sixth "longer" than the 75095 TIE Fighter - 36 cm vs. 30 cm.
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Re: Review: 75095 UCS TIE Fighter

Postby sterow » Sat May 30, 2015 3:50 pm

Cheers Gingerbread Man. They do look pretty different.

I''m surprised we haven't got a refresh of the Interceptor at either scale. The original UCS is long ago. It recently became the only set I still have on display with the old greys. Though I guess there really is only limited precedent for UCS refreshes (though this floodgate will surely open sometime in the coming years).

However I thought for sure we'd get a new System interceptor after the last system tie, to better match the new design.
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Re: Review: 75095 UCS TIE Fighter

Postby Flynn » Sun May 31, 2015 4:28 am

I'm actually surprised at how good the Interceptor looks for its age, though I think it's mainly the color scheme that sets it back. Be interesting to see what it'd look like if someone decked it out in the proper light bluish grey.
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