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Review: 76025 Green Lantern vs. Sinestro

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Re: Review: 76025 Green Lantern vs. Sinestro

Postby Zack509k » Mon Mar 09, 2015 2:47 pm

PurpleDave wrote:Your trans-neon yellow is actually trans-neon green, and your trans-neon green is actually trans-bright green. There is an actual trans-neon yellow color, but it was only used for two Bionicle parts, a 1x1 round plate, and Clikits that I know of. It looks like trans-yellow with a slight peachy overtone.

I don't recall Kyle being the go-to Lantern for _any_ TV series. DCAU was Jon Stewart (though Hal, Kyle, and Guy probably all made appearances). GL:TAS was Hal Jordan. I'm assuming Superfriends was Hal as well, since there weren't any other real options back then. Most DC series don't feature any GL at all. I know at least one must have appeared in B:TBatB, but honestly I don't care enough to know which ones (I'm assuming Guy Gardner). In the DC animated movies, Hal was the main character in both JL: The New Frontier and GL: Emerald Knights, and a feature character in JL: Doom. Offhand I don't remember anything else he has appeared in, but Kyle probably shows up less often than Guy.

The jet makes more sense if you've seen GL:TAS, since the entire series pretty much took place on a giant experimental GLC spaceship. But it's not a construct, and it serves as a GL battery. So there's one reason right there, since at least Thor just needs to hang onto his hammer to stay alive. GL comes with a 24-hour time limit.

Space Batman kinda sucks in one regard. The video game shows him as having a decorated 1x2 tile (with a bat-logo) on the jetpack. Instead we get a shiny new nothing.

Actually the Green Lantern in the B:TBatB is Guy Gardner. They had the Guy Gardner GL in the Justice League vs. Bizarro League. So why make this set and then use a Guy Gardner in the movie. I know that Lego usually incorporates people or sets that they will have in the future but is this one of those cartoons?
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