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Review: 75053 The Ghost

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Re: Review: 75053 The Ghost

Postby rushiosan » Thu Sep 11, 2014 4:27 am

I saw that coming. 75053 was a bad set since first reveal pics and we knew that. I don't know what's wrong with 2014 lineup... designers feel lazy or something. And yeah, 7965 had similar problems (specially finishing issues in bottom parts) but it ended up as a much better model with decent play features.
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Re: Review: 75053 The Ghost

Postby Faefrost » Mon Sep 15, 2014 6:58 pm

I think I like this set a little better than you guys. Granted it's not my favorite by a long shot, but it isn't a bad interpretation of a quirky oddball SW outlaw ship.

First up to answer a few questions that Ace had while reviewing it.
- (off topic) thankfully the Twiglight was used pretty sparingly in Clone Wars, and then met a horrible end because Obi Wan sucks as a pilot. It actually wasn't a bad ship in motion on screen. But possibly the worst Lego SW set ever.
- those hatches on the top of the Ghost? One is for storing the spring missiles, the other crew weapons.
- the two front cockpits and turret on top are to make it feel like a WW2 bomber. Specifically a B-17.
- amazingly without ever watching a preview I think you nailed the exact presentation and backstory of the entire crew. You only missed the perky pink hipster Mandolorian Chicky who isn't in this set.
- the escape pods use pretty much the same design as a bunch of previous sets. The Tantive IV, the Republic Cruiser etc. they all don't have anything holding top to bottom?

Personally I find the set middle of the road. Kind of fun for a larger ship but not a classic. About on par with the Jedi Defender. I like the lines and shape of the ship. It has some great build technics. The colors however are garish and off putting. Too bright. Too colorful. Too messy. The size is less an issue. It is a very dense heavy build, like the Sith Fury was. The size is deceptive as it's a very heavy model. Still not real Swooshable. I like the engine cluster. The back doesn't look too bad with the Phantom in place (and awful without. Yeah they should have been 1 set. Heck TRU has them as 1 boxed set.) overall it fills out the spaceport acceptably. It's certainly better than the Twighlight or any version of the Sith Infiltrator yet released, especially the last one.

If you don't have 7965, by far get that instead. If you are looking for something to park next to 7965, there are worse than this one.
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Re: Review: 75053 The Ghost

Postby LEGO StarWars Guru » Thu Dec 11, 2014 2:31 pm

Danh, Dunh, Danh, Dunh, DANH!!! "So, we meet again..." -Zurg
First off, I believe, and this me personally, that if you are going to judge a LEGO Star Wars ,whether it be Rebels or Clonewars, you should at least watch the first episode of the series. But, others may not believe so; however, if you're going to want to know where this set comes from, watch the entire series. So, I think you need to stop going on your little rampage about how the back doesn't look right when you connect the Phantom to it. If you've never seen the series, only the trailers you wouldn't know what you're talking about. Now there's only been one episode so far where I've seen the Ghost like it looks like when you attach the Phantom; and that was the one where Sabine and Hera go on there own. And personally this set is about 3.5 stars it's o.k. but a little bit above o.k. just a little bit. What i have a problem with is when you review sets without ever seeing the first episode! But, that's just me.
I'm just a man. A man trying to express my opinion.
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Re: Review: 75053 The Ghost

Postby dfsssssssgg » Tue Jan 06, 2015 6:36 pm

WOW seriously? If you haven't seen the TV show go watch it. The ship is very very accurate. From colors to cockpits from functions to features. If you haven't watch the TV show shut up and don't do a review on stuff you don't know about. The phantom is excluded from this set because THEY ARE SPEREATE SHIPS. The Ghost is just the ship. The ship just have a docking bay. Also there is a Co-pack or ultimate-pack that includes both which allows you to add the phantom to the set for just 15 bucks which is a great deal for a piece count of a thousand and a hundred something pieces. The minifigs are very accurate as well except for Zeb and people in the rebels are nice and they smile a lot, not just typical soldiers so the smiley face has no problem with it. Zeb is a very very inaccurate character in this set compared with the show. much different. Furthermore Hara's pants are inaccurate in the same way. The only thing I am going to complain about the ship is just the trap door for the holocron. A better way would be to make it into the storage bay on the ship in the tv show. Overall I am pretty sure this ship is 9/10 at least. The playability, the accuracy, the price points are just awesome. Seriously I don't know why people write reviews about things that they do not know what the hell is it about. >8( :facepalm: >:( >8( >8(
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Re: Review: 75053 The Ghost

Postby Darth Caedus » Wed Jan 07, 2015 10:41 am

Agree with this review 100%, out of the box and without the Phantom it's a crushing 1/5. More like a zero. Woe be the kid (and there are countless, this set sold out well before the holiday at my local Lego store) who gets this for Christmas. You've got multiple key failures in the given design: useless escape pods that fall apart, a turret that fits nobody but Zeb and falls off if you try and flip the ship, and the fact that the Phantom doesn't even stay on when you 'land' it in the back 'hangar.'

I got both of em half price and spent Christmas day assembling them and then tearing back into them to fix the problems. After a few hours of work I had sets I was satisfied having still paid ~$60 for: 2x1 block with 2 technic holes in place of the control panel fixed the escape pods failure-to-stay-together issue, adding a 4x6 plate with a 2x2 flat spinner made the turret stay on and still spin, and swapping a proper normal 2x2 flat with the piece previously used to connect the Phantom held the shuttle in place better. I also encountered an additional issue: Hera frequently pilots the Phantom in the show but cannot fit in it whatsoever in the actual set. I stripped out the bottom of the seat in the Phantom and made it low enough so she can sit in it comfortably and the cockpit actually closes - only problem is that the guns stick out 1 stud farther, but I can live with that.
Darth Caedus
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Re: Review: 75053 The Ghost

Postby Solo » Wed Jan 07, 2015 3:45 pm

dfsssssssgg, I'm sorry, but I've been keeping up with the show and this set is still terrible. It's almost like a chibi version of the Ghost. The proportions are all wrong on the ship itself, and then the Phantom that is designed to dock with it is horribly out of scale to boot. I found this moc on EB and they did a fantastic job maintaining the proper angles and spacing. That version looks great and does the ship justice. Lego simply should have gone bigger if they wanted to keep the docked fighter gimmick. The specs put this thing about 25% longer and 35% wider than the Falcon, but they tried to design a smaller set without properly adjusting the cockpits because they still wanted to fit minifigs in it. It just doesn't work. And the Phantom itself isn't supposed to be completely independent from the Ghost. It's an integrated shuttle that doubles as a fighter. There isn't anything else in Star Wars to compare this to but it's like detachment the saucer section from the Enterprise and saying they count as separate ships. Sure it works, but it's not right.
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Re: Review: 75053 The Ghost

Postby PurpleDave » Wed Jan 07, 2015 4:10 pm

Solo wrote:t's an integrated shuttle that doubles as a fighter. There isn't anything else in Star Wars to compare this to but it's like detachment the saucer section from the Enterprise and saying they count as separate ships. Sure it works, but it's not right.

There almost was, in the Kennerverse. They made a prototype for a small launch that could dock between the mandibles on their original Millennium Falcon toy. I think it ended up being worked into some corner of the EU at one point, but it's probably sitting on Disney's curb with the rest of that stuff right now.
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Re: Review: 75053 The Ghost

Postby Solo » Wed Jan 07, 2015 5:34 pm

It's funny that you mention that, because the Phantom does have that 'barely passable vehicle look' that those old school mini-rig things had. And that Imperial party van troop transport from a couple of episodes in Rebels is certainly nothing new:
So maybe Disney didn't kick all those to the curb and is instead farming them for ideas.
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Re: Review: 75053 The Ghost

Postby Chewybricks » Thu Jan 29, 2015 6:58 am

Fantastic review. Good job
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