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LEGO Games US releases

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LEGO Games US releases

Postby Mister Ed » Wed Sep 15, 2010 8:00 am

I hope this doesn't run afoul of the rule about asking about future releases, which I had interpreted as not asking for hints/info about sets on which information has not been officially released.

My question is a bit more general, and involves product that is already out there.

I am just curious as to whether ALL the LEGO games that are currently not available in the US market are going to show up there eventually. I'm enjoying the LEGO games, and have seen several intriguing ones that are not currently available here in the US, and want to know if I just have to be patient, or if I'm out of luck (without taking extreme steps to actually try to order them from overseas somehow). Lunar Command in particular looks like an awesome game, and is actually advertised in the rule book for sets I bought here in the US, yet is not available.

Obviously I would LOVE specific info about US release dates for various games, but realize that may be beyond what I can be given. I'm hoping for at least a general answer that, "Yes, we do plan on releasing the full line in the US." or "No, some games will not be available in the US." Any info in addition to that would be gravy.

Mister Ed
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