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New Lever Design

PostPosted: Mon Dec 28, 2009 11:03 pm
by theJudeAbides

I've bought a few sets recently that had a lever part that seemed a bit... different, but in a good way:

In the past, when I attached these pieces, I'd often do so slightly off the desired line of lever-action, and then struggle to right it only to have it shoot past too much the other way. I'd then try to detach the piece, which was usually fairly difficult, and try to reattach it again. This whole process would usually be repeated a few more times until I got it right or just stopped caring.

However, the new pieces are easily rotated on the studs and even detach without un-due rigamarole (but they still stay in place correctly as well). This has long been an annoyance of mine, and I'm glad you guys finally fixed it.

To keep this "Ask LEGO" and not "Tell LEGO what they already know," I've been wondering:
  1. What finally led to this change?
  2. What took you so long? This piece has been stubborn for years. It was practically a LEGO tradition.
  3. Who was responsible for this change and will you please hug him for me? (If it was you, just go ahead and hug yourself: you deserve it.)

Re: New Lever Design

PostPosted: Wed Dec 30, 2009 9:41 am
by Draykov
Apparently, quite a few parts are undergoing minor revisions these days.

Re: New Lever Design

PostPosted: Thu Dec 31, 2009 12:14 pm
by Iare Tosevite
Nice. I like the change. :D